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Last updated: June 18, 2019

Read This If You Think: “If I Raise My Prices…Everyone Will Leave!”

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If You Think: “If I Raise My Prices… Everyone Will Leave!” Read This ASAP!

There’s an old saying: “More money, more problems”. OK, this isn’t an old saying it’s a P-Diddy lyric, but here at BTC we think. “Less money, more problems.” We know a price increase can be scary, but it’s also necessary in order to have a long and successful career behind the chair. To help ease the anxiety around raising prices we had BTC Team Member Gina Bianca (@iamginabianca) break down why you shouldn’t be scared to ask for the coin you deserve. Want to know EVERYTHING about raising prices? Click here to purchase Gina’s class on BTC University and have it for life!



You Are Not For Everyone!

The number one thing to remember is: If you want to provide a second to none salon experience, you have to charge properly! You shouldn’t feel bad about raising prices for fear you will lose clients, Gina explains. So always remember the “some people” rules:

  • Some people will never value their hair past a certain amount.
  • Some people do not have the budget.
  • Some people will not care enough about you to stay.


All of these things are OK! If a guest leaves because of a price increase, Gina explains, it will just create room for new guests.


Productivity = Price

The main number to consider when deciding whether to raise prices is your productivity number. If you’re 80 to 90 percent booked within a 6-week period, Gina says it’s time to raise your prices!




Remember It’s Only Business, Not Personal

If you are really passionate about your craft and the experience you are creating, then you are doing your job! If a guest decides to leave it has nothing to do with you, reassures Gina. It really boils down to how much they value their hair and their personal budget. “My best advice is to get all of your pricing dialed in fairly, tighten up your guest experience and deliver results,” Gina explains. “The money will come if you put the work in!”


Want to know more about salon pricing and charging for services? Click here to purchase Gina’s salon pricing class on BTC University and receive lifetime access!


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