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Last updated: January 26, 2023

Color Corrections: Why You Should Consider Charging Hourly

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9 Key Factors For Pricing Color Corrections

Color corrections can be long, strenuous services. They can take a full day behind the chair (for just one service), require a lot of product to accomplish and not to mention can lead to some serious stylist anxiety. So when salon owner and RUSK Director of Hair Color Gina Bianca (@iamginabianca) shared her genius tricks for pricing color corrections, we had to share. 


Known on IG for her pricing breakdowns, Gina shared nine key factors to consider building your color correction price list AND she s why you should consider charging hourly for more in-depth services! 


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First: Be Confident With Your Consultations

Yes, charging your worth is important! But so is building a loyal clientele—and that starts with having a successful consultation. 


“Many stylists have an extremely difficult time pricing color corrections,” Gina shares in an IG post. “It’s a difficult conversation to have with your guest,” she adds. Here are a few key takeaways to have a successful client consultation:


  • Be thorough and honest—address every concern and manage expectations 
  • Working with your client’s budget is the No. 1 way to build a business behind the chair
  • Never give your client’s “sticker shock.” No one likes to be surprised at how much something will cost after a service, so be transparent about what their service will cost before getting started. 


Nine Key Factors For Building A Price List

Time, product, skill—these are all essential to pricing services but they aren’t the only factors! Check out Gina’s full list below:


1. Time

2. Product

3. Confidence

4. Decisiveness

5. Courage

6. Expectations

7. Retail

8. Number of sessions needed

9. Maintenance 


Screenshot Alert: Gina also shared her hourly rate breakdown and why it matters in the chart below!


Photo Credit: Instagram via @iamginabianca


Why choose to have an hourly rate? “When [it comes to] color corrections I always like to do hourly pricing. I can give an estimate of how many hours, but the real reason is because even though we know what could happen during the process, we don’t know how long it will take to fix and overcome each bump,” Gina explains. 


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TBH—We’re STILL thinking about this post from Gina from 2019! 

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A post shared by Gina Sicard ✨ CT Salon Owner 🫶🏽RUSK (@iamginabianca)


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