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Last updated: January 19, 2021

4 Ways To Refresh Your Brand Right Now

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Instagram via @jamiedanahairstylist

4 Ways To Refresh Your Brand From Home

Don’t get bored in the house—get strategic! From salon owner to stylist, a brand refresh will keep you busy for the time being AND get clients excited to come back. To help get you started, we reached out to some serious hair bosses and got their tips for giving your brand a lil post-quarantine glow-up. ✨See everything they shared below! 


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1. Find Your Niche

Master a service you’re passionate about and have it be your calling card to clients. Hairstylist and business coach Elizabeth Faye (@heyelizabethfaye) broke it down like this: “Placing yourself in a niche positions you as an expert and clarifies your calling. Offer your clients a service they can’t get anywhere else, perfectly.” Meaning, if your heart is in balayage, don’t advertise for men’s cuts. Build a clientele of ladies who love lived-in color. 


2. Establish A Brand Vibe 

From your Instagram feed to your business cards, cohesiveness is what will make you stand out to clients (current and potential!). “If you look at my Insta, it’s very warm, pink tones,” explains California-based stylist and educator Jamie Dana (@jamiedananhairstylist). She shared these tips for finding your signature shade: 

  • Use Pinterest to curate a mood board and take note of the hues. 


  • Take one photo from your board and upload it into the Adobe Capture app. It will automatically select colors for you based on that image, making choosing a color scheme easy. 


  • Implement this new color scheme all throughout your IG page, including: 
    • In your Instagram feed ← MOST IMPORTANT
    • Story Highlight cover photos
    • Story background colors
    • Font and drawing tool colors


Pro Tip: Jamie suggests checking your photo gallery for color pics you might already have. Photos of products, salon decor, yourself and clients can be used if they are the right tones. Don’t have any? Start planning photos with your new color scheme to take later. 


Check out Jamie’s color-schemed Insta!

Jamie sticks to warm, pink tones for her brand color scheme. // Instagram via @jamiedanahairstylist


3. A Strong Business = A Strong Brand 

Being a professional means business. Strong policies show clients that you are serious about your career and the services you provide. Farhana Premji (@xo.farhana.balayage), owner of The Beige Label, explained it like this: “Think about reopening from quarantine like you’re opening for the first time. What about your business brings you not only the most profit but the most joy and fulfillment?” Here are three business areas to consider revamping:

  1. Services: Think about ways to update your service menu. What will your clients need ASAP and how can this be beneficial for both of you?
  2. Communication: How do you connect with clients when they aren’t in your chair? Think about ways to reach out to them now, and sustain that communication when it’s back to “business per usual.”
  3.  Policies: “This is the most ideal time to update policies. Revisit rules for late clients or no shows, new client consultations or even how to approach color corrections,” advises Farhana. 


4. Start Creating Or Refresh Video Content

If you haven’t tried yet, start creating hair videos. “Hair videos will take you to the next level in your career,” explains Joico Global Salon Business Expert Gina Bianca (@iamginabianca). If you’re already a filming pro, Gina suggests switching up your editing style. “Finding new ways to edit my videos reignites my passion for editing. I use the app InShot to edit, it’s my favorite,” she shares.