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Last updated: December 01, 2022

Holiday Rush Survival Guide: 4 Ways Make More Money

Holiday Business 101: Bookings, Building Tickets & Retail Sales 

Are you too busy taking clients or just making it through the busy season that you’re missing out on potential revenue? ‘Tis the season for holiday burnout—not anymore! From filling cancellations to building your ticket and making thousands of extra dollars in retail, Gina Bianca (@iamginabianca) and Matt Swinney (@matt.swinney) are here to help. 


Watch the full interview with these RUSK® global directors who do it all, from leading industry education to owning successful commission-based and booth rental salons.   


1. How To Fill Last-Minute Cancellations & No-Shows 

Whether it’s a root touch up or a three-hour foiling service: A last-minute cancellation or no-show is money out of your pockets. Rethink your confirmation strategy and cancellation policy and be protective of your books. Follow these tips. 


“If they didn’t confirm, reach out to them. If you don’t hear from them, let them know [their] appointment has been canceled,” says Gina. “You don’t have to wait around to get a no-show. There is no reason that should be on your books if it’s not guaranteed.”


“If you have a no-show or last-minute cancellation for Monday at 5pm, call whoever’s next Monday at 5pm and move them up. Then, it gives you another week to fill the next [spot],” says Gina. If you are pre-booking, there are so many clients that end up having appointments a few weeks later than they wanted. This gets them in early, adds Matt.  


2. Build Your Ticket Without Adding Extra Time

Shorten your appointments and elevate the time being spent in your chair. The secret is simple: Express services! “It doesn’t take that much time to achieve maximum value of your ticket and maximum value of the service for the client,” says Matt. Here are a few fast, moneymaking services to try:


  • Ruskin10 Permanent Cream Color: 100 percent gray coverage in 10 minutes
  • RUSK XPress Gloss: Glaze service in 5 minutes or less that lasts 25 washes 
  • RUSK 2 Minute Masque: Moisturize scalp, close the cuticle and seal in color 


“I would not charge less because it takes less time,” says Gina. “Time is a luxury!” 

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3. Foolproof Strategies To Sell More Retail 

Retail is the revenue stream you have control over, says Gina. Clients are more inclined to spend on gifts throughout the holiday season, so use this as an opportunity to sell more. 


Remember these three important keys: Lead with education, have the product in stock and have the best price. These retail strategies will change the way you sell for good. 


1. Add ‘Seasonal Favorites’ To Your Menu: Listen up. This one change could increase your ticket by thousands of dollars over time. Offer a ‘seasonal favorites’ add-on that includes all three extras: Styled Curls, Express Treatment and a Take-Home Product. For example: Gina says to open the RUSK 2 Minute Masque in the salon, use it on your client, style curls and send them home with it. Genius! 


Watch Matt break down the RUSK 2 Minute Masque below.

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2. Amazon Price Match: We see this in the salon daily: A client asks to take a picture of the product we’re using during their service—there goes a retail sale! Think again. Gina’s advice for salon owners: Price match. Tell clients they don’t need to buy from Amazon, they can buy directly from their trusted stylist. 


3. Raffle Giveaway: Pair a holiday sale with a raffle to incentivize clients to buy retail. For example: Gina’s salon offers a ‘Buy 3, Get 20% OFF’ deal and gives any guest who purchases retail a raffle ticket to be entered to win a set of hot tools and a blow-dryer. 


Check out Gina’s salon The Network’s holiday raffle below!

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4. How To Avoid Being Too Salesy: You pre-book clients for specific services to set them up for the best possible experience in your chair. Do that with retail. If you educate clients on how and why they should be using a product to achieve their hair goals, it’s not a sales pitch, says Matt. 


4. Increase Bookings In The Post-Holiday Slow Season

If your books are looking slim in January and February, run a discount promotion for clients to get their big new year transformation. Salon owners: If you have new stylists that are only 50 percent booked, Gina suggests printing a physical postcard for $100 OFF $300 services to give to clients booking with those stylists.   


“The biggest waste of money in a salon is product waste and payroll,” says Gina. Make sure those stylists have their hours booked in the slow season. Pre-book to guarantee those future appointments, giving clients something to look forward to. 


We LOVE the way The Network gave their salon some holiday vibes.

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