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Last updated: February 18, 2022

How Can I Foil Faster?

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How To Speed Up Foil Application

Foil master and real-talk business expert Gina Bianca (@iamginabianca) gets asked “How can I speed up my foiling time” all day, every day—so she posted this super-informative breakdown on her Instagram to answer the question once and for all. The short answer? You gotta practice! Keep reading for foil tips to help you pick up the pace.


How Can I Foil Faster?

“Nobody ever likes my answer,” Gina wrote. “It’s not the typical RIGHT NOW solution. It takes patience, time and practice on your CRAFT. Remember you are still mastering a craft along with everything else!”


What Is “Fast” Foiling?

“A solid application time including consultation for a half head of highlights (two bowls of color, 2 scoops per bowl) is about 45 minutes. A full highlight with double the color would be fast in about 60 minutes. Of course all of this varies, however these benchmarks are GREAT goals,” Gina wrote.


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“If you ask people how they got fast they will say ‘it just happened’ or ‘practice.’ The ones who practiced got there much faster and I am going to give you some big numbers to look at! I did the math, and decided on these numbers and goals to become very fast very quickly. You can adjust them based on your desire to be a beast.”


So How Many Foils Does It Take To Get Faster?

Here’s what Gina said:


  • It takes 50,000 foils to level up your speed.
  • There is always another level.
  • 80 foils per head
  • 50,000/80= 625 full applications


That means:

“You need to be doing two full highlights per day to hit your speed goals in one year.”


“Men lie, women lie—numbers don’t. If you don’t have a guest, get a mannequin and do it! There’s no excuse,” Gina wrote. “All of you over-thinkers even have a whole math problem to convince you to bust out a mannequin and start foiling! You don’t need to ask how to be fast, just practice. That’s always the answer! You got this!”


Oh, and one more thing…“625 clients at an average full foil/gloss/cut ticket of $150 is $93,750.00 before taxes and commission/expenses.” The more you know! 💫


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