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Last updated: June 26, 2012

The Braided Roll from Surface

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The Braided Roll from Surface

This intricate braided design from the Surface Hair Art Team is at once modern, fresh and romantic. Warm up your fingers and brush up on your braiding skills, because this woven delight is one updo your clients are sure to love.

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    Prepare hair with Protein Cream, Bassu Oil & Bliss. Blow dry. Press smooth with Bassu Shine Spray.
    Section 1: left part to high point of head  to just behind right ear.
    Section 2: on diagonal from right lower nape to top of left ear.
    Section 3: Top of right ear to left temple. Remaining hair is section 4. Begin in section 2. Mist with Bassu Shine Spray and comb smooth. Divide in to 4 sections

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    Start with section 2. To begin 4 strand braid divide in to 4 sections. Cross section D over section C and under B. Then cross A under B and over C. Repeat. Continue in pattern to end and secure with elastic. Keep in mind as you work a section that it shifts in to new position (e.g. D becomes B.)

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    Completed braid. Complete 1 braid in each of section 3 and 4
    Tip: Make sure braids are not too tight. You will want to be able to mold and shape them easily.

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    Upon completing each braid smooth flyaways with Bliss and lightly spray with Theory Firm. Hold all 3 braids toward right, making sure they stay as flat as possible.

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    Gently braid all 3 braids together and secure with elastic. Tuck tail and roll the braid under. Secure with 1 large bobby pin.

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    Complete 4 strand braid in section 1. Work a bit looser than the others.

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    Drape braid above roll, tuck in to left side and secure with pin. Begin to spread and shape braid. Pin where desired.

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    Secure roll in place joining sections together where needed. Finish with Theory Firm and Bassu Shine Spray.

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