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Last updated: June 13, 2018

Textured Faux Bob

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Textured Faux Bob

The faux bob is a great style when your client wants to rock shorter locks without the long-term commitment of chopping it all off. Master this look with the help of Farouk Systems, Inc. Global Artist Anna Cantu. We broadcasted her LIVE on Facebook creating this textured illusion bob during Miss USA 2017 in Las Vegas. Watch the video below, and check out her how-to on 2016 Miss Teen USA Karlie Hay! Want more from Farouk? Come to COLOR, Cut & Style, Aug. 20-22 in Austin, Texas. Get your tickets now!

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    Prep the hair with CHI Silk Infusion, then split the hair in half with a section at the parietal ridge from ear to ear. Create a braid tight to the head and pin up. This is what will create the illusion of a faux bob and doubles as a foundation for pinning hair later.

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    Create a square section at the crown of the head and pin out of the way. For the remaining hair, use the CHI Onyx 1-inch Ceramic Crimping Iron. Take small sections and press down just once at the root to add volume and texture.

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    Close-up of the volume that can be achieved with the CHI Onyx 1-inch Ceramic Crimping Iron.

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    Release the top section. Use the CHI G2 Flat Iron to create beachy waves, alternating the direction of the waves for texture. 

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    Close-up of a completed wave with the CHI G2 Flat Iron.

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    Break up the waves with your fingers to add a looser, more beachy texture. Using the braid you created earlier, pin any long hairs up and into the braid. If desired, you can stop here—but Anna took it up a notch!

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    For more interest, take a small section towards the front hairline (but leave the actual hairline out for softness), comb through and create a loose, three-strand braid. Pull the braid toward the back of the head, then secure with a bobby pin. Finish with CHI Spray Wax.

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    Finished Look.

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    Karlie loved her finished look so much, she gave Anna a kiss 😘

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