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Last updated: October 13, 2021

Hollywood, Beachy & Ocean Waves: Are You Curling Correctly?

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How To Perfect Three Types Of Waves With The Right Technique

When the salon is packed, it’s easy to fall into a curling routine that gets your clients out the door fast—but when you’re asked for a certain style of wave, what really makes the difference?


We’ll take you through the small techniques that make a big impact when styling Hollywood, beachy and ocean waves that will set your clients apart when walking out of the salon. Keep reading for pro tips to amp up your styling with heat tools, products and finishing touches to deliver any type of wave that your clients request.


Hollywood Waves

The key to Hollywood waves is wrapping the hair flat around the curling iron in clean, even sections like Sydney-based artist Christine Mai Tran ( Laying the hair flat against the barrel heats the hair into a cylinder shape to form a perfect mold that when brushed out, creates the polished, structured waves.


Notice how Christine’s curls are all wrapped in the same direction and perfectly symmetrical! 

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Using Moroccanoil® Luminous Hairspray Strong, Christine gently brushes the curls starting at the root, stretching the hair downward while spraying the strong-hold hairspray on the waves before bringing the brush through the ends.


This is a great technique to shape the hair while smoothing fly-aways and adding shine to create an illusion of continued movement! 

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Beach Waves

The light and airy style is a client fav for the effortless, “better than air dried-hair” look that the waves create. Lucky for us, the undone style allows for chunky sectioning and curling techniques that are so easy—they almost feel wrong!


Wedding hair specialist Lisa Alger (@lisaalgeracademy) preps the hair with Moroccanoil® Perfect Defense to keep strands soft without product hold to prevent forming a structured curl when twisting hair around the barrel.

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Pro Tip: Leave a couple inches of hair off the curling iron at the ends. Pull the hair in the direction you would as if the hair was still on the barrel—not straight out to the side! This will help the straight ends blend perfectly into the other waves without any tails sticking out horizontally.


Ocean Waves

A more prominent wave style that creates faux-texture and added density—ocean waves can be done with a curling iron, waver or a heatless alternative, like drying damp hair in a few different sized braids.


To make the piecey look long-lasting, Christine separates each wave with Moroccanoil® Molding Cream for definition and added thickness for a natural-looking wave pattern. 

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Pro Tip: Hairspraying from the inside of the hair with Moroccanoil® Luminous Hairspray Medium will volumize the waves and create movement away from the face.


“Remember to hairspray the sections around the face from the inside. This will ensure that throughout the day, the oils and moisture from the face won’t cause the hair the drop too much,” says 


Watch the hairspray demo here:

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Finish Waves With A Hairbrush Versus Hands

Can you believe these waves were the exact same, only brushed out two different ways? Kirsty Sage (@kirstyannehair) shares how brushing curls out with a hairbrush versus her own fingers can create two completely different looks using Moroccanoil® Volumizing Mist and All In One Leave-In Conditioner.


“On the left side, a brush was used for a more sleek soft look! Ideal for more of a formal setting BUT not the best way to show off dimensions in color,” says Kirsty. “The right side was only my hands for a more textured, voluminous look—perfect party hair BUT also my go to way of capturing color!”

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