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Last updated: July 25, 2017

Upstyles and Beachy Waves with Sarah Potempa

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From Lea Michele to ALL of the Victoria’s Secret models, Sarah Potempacelebrity stylist and creator of the Beachwaver® PRO—has created gorgeous styles (and beachy waves!) for some of Hollywood’s biggest names. We wanted to bring Sarah’s styling tips to the BTC community, so Sarah went live on our Facebook (over 90,000 of you tuned in!) to share three exclusive how-tos for your new go-to summer looks—using the Beachwaver® PRO rotating curling iron, of course (get yours here!) Sit down, tune in and get ready for tips on upstyles and Victoria’s Secret waves. Check out her tips AND the full video below! 


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1. Looking to create the perfect beachy waves? Once you have curled your client’s hair, and you want to give the hair a soft, glamorous finish, take a flexible hairspray and spray your brush before brushing the hair throughout. Do this BEFORE you separate the curls to make them more beachy. It gives the hair that extra gorgeous shine. (17:11)


2. To create Old Hollywood waves, you can use the Beachwaver® Pro to create a roller set. Select “R” (for “roller!”) and curl the hair horizontally with the iron. Tap and go, rolling under—just like a hot roller—and clip it in onto the base. Use a flexible, dry hairspray to hold the roller set in place. (23:11)


3. A useful tip for creating braided looks on fine-haired clients is making their braids look thicker. Start by flattening the braided hair and lightly tugging on the edges to create more volume. Go throughout the braid and separate the strands. This will also show the beautiful pattern of the braid more clearly. (35:24)


4. For clients going to weddings or big events, you want to create updos without lots of bobby pins. Your simple solution? Trade in the pins for a wrap-up. Roll the hair and BOOM––it’s lightweight and a perfect way to create a strong foundation for your look. (43:16)


5. While creating Old Hollywood waves, curl all of the hair under and in the same direction for consistent curls. After the hair is curled, spray your brush with hairspray and brush through all of the hair together. Brush underneath and cup the hair with your hands—like you’re going to create a ponytail—to really lock in the waves and get the hair moving in the same direction. (58:22)


Watch Sarah demonstrate her pro tips in the Facebook Live below!