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Last updated: May 30, 2017

Redken Shades EQGolden Beige

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Redken Shades EQGolden Beige

A Pastel Golden Beige Backdrop And Strands Of Pure, Crystalline Shine Make Dark Blonde Hair Striking… Ready For The Runway!  Follow the steps to a stunning new look by clicking on the individual images.  Learn more about Shades EQ.

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    Section the hair into four areas: the fringe area, left side, right side, and the back.

    Starting with the fringe section, from a 1/2″ parting take a medium weave of hair.

    Create shinelights by applying Shades EQ 000 Crystal Clear formula from scalp to ends and wrap in foil; this will retain the brightness of the previous highlights, while adding shine.

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    Next, complete both side sections. Take horizontal partings and weave a medium amount of hair and apply Shades EQ 000 Crystal Clear formula from scalp to ends; seal the foil.

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    Finish back section by placing foiled sections in a bricklayer manner from nape to crown. Once you’ve closed your last foil, set your timer for 20 minutes.

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    Mix Shades EQ 09GB Butter Cream + 2 oz. Shades EQ Processing Solution.

    Begin immediately at the nape of the neck and, with a 1″ applicator brush or applicator bottle, apply your formula to the hair between the foils, saturating from scalp to ends. Continue to work up to the crown.

    When the back is complete, do the left and right side sections in the same manner, saving the fringe area until last.

    At the end of the 20 minutes, rinse Shades EQ 09GB from between foils, first. Then gently remove each foil using the pressure of the water.

    Rinse, shampoo and condition with Color Extend haircare products. Style the hair.

    TIP: Moving from back to front will create a subtle gradation in base tones. The shorter processing time for the fringe section will allow it to remain brighter and to draw more attention to the face.

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    Create dramatic definition:
    Spray Satinwear 02 ultimate blow-dry lotion on damp hair. Blast dry the hair, keeping the air directed down the hair shaft. Use a nylon tooth brush at the scalp to keep the shape close to the head and add polish. Use a round brush to add smoothness and gentle flicks
    to the ends of the hair. Spray Sharp Edge 14 whipped graphic wax into the palm of your hand, apply to dry hair and blast the hair dry for added texture and definition.

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    A multi-tonal look with intriguing dimension: strands of pure crystalline shine over a backdrop of pastel golden beige that draw attention… chablis, champagne and sauvignon blanc.

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    Natural level 6 (dark blonde)
    Zones 1 through 3: levels 9-10 (previous highlights)

    Revive the sparkle and make the most of previous pale highlights by creating “shinelights.” Introduce interest with a background of beautifully glazed golden beige tones. Because the hair is already very light, this technique brings the tones of the base color down, while brightening and adding shine to highlights throughout.

    SHINELIGHTS (in foil)
    Shades EQ 000 Crystal Clear + an Equal Part of Shades EQ Processing Solution

    GLAZE (between foils)
    Shades EQ 09GB Butter Cream +an Equal Part of Shades EQ Processing Solution

    PRE-SERVICE BEST PRACTICES: (before you begin any chemical service)
    *  Precisely follow package instructions for haircolor lightening products.
    *  Wear protective face wear when mixing powder lighteners.
    *  Perform necessary patch tests as outlined in the directions.
    *  Wear suitable gloves for all applications.
    *  Utilize protective smocks or capes for you and your clients during the service.