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Last updated: September 02, 2010

PureOlogy Colour Care Indulgence SuperSmooth Salon Service

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PureOlogy Colour Care Indulgence SuperSmooth Salon Service

Bring damaged hair back to life with the in-salon Colour Care Indulgence SuperSmooth Conditioning Wrap Technique Salon Service. It is ideal for unmanageable color-treated hair in need of intense smoothing and discipline as a result of multiple chemical processes. The decadent formulas are enriched with smoothing camellia, sesame, and organic shea butter to transform hair with silky, lasting control and organic geranium to condition and intensify shine. 


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    Cleanse with Purify Shampoo to remove any impurities caused by product build-up and dulling-hard water minerals. Then cleanse with SuperSmooth Shampoo.

    Stylist performs the RelaxingScalp Massage to stimulate the hair follicle and infuse body at the base while relaxing the client.

    Remove excess water and massage a small amount of SuperSmooth HairCondition and comb through to detangle ends.  Rinse thoroughly, wrap hair in towel.  Comb through to detangle and then wrap hair in a low bun.

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    Depending on the density of the hair, stylist will prepare 1-2 spoonfuls of SuperSmooth RelaxingHairMasque into a Pureology treatment bowl. 

    For clients with finer hair types, stylists will blend SuperSmooth HairCondition into the masque to create a customized lighter formula for her needs.

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    Beginning with the back quadrant, take 1-inch panels starting at the back hairline.

    For clients with coarse hair, stylists will apply the product at the base to ensure smoothness and control where she needs it most.

    Then stylists massage each section to maximize absorption and smoothness.

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    Once SuperSmooth RelaxingHairMasque has been applied, comb sections into a SuperSmooth Condtioning Wrap around her head where the center of the wrap sits in the crown.  Secure with pins if needed.

    Place client under a hooded dryer for 15 min or until masque is 80% absorbed.

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    Always rinse with cool water to boost shine.

    After rinsing, invite your client back to your station to further and lock in the smooth results with heat accelerated absorption.

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