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Last updated: December 10, 2020

How-To: Customizable Smooth

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Clients want a customizable style. Clients want manageable locks. Clients want CONTROL. And now giving your clients exactly what they want is easier than ever with the new Kerasilk Control Smoothing Treatment Service from Goldwell. Offer your clients a long-lasting and custom style that’s smooth, sleek and free of frizzy drama! Here’s how it works!


The Kerasilk Control Smoothing Treatment is an in-salon service with two components: the shape component and smooth component. The type of hair your client has and the type of look she wants will determine how you use both components. First determine your client’s shape component and then the smooth component. See the graphs below!


Manufacturer: Goldwell, @goldwellus

Products Used


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    Choose the Shape Component

    Add the Smooth Component

    Hair Type Healthy Hair/Slightly Damaged and/or Fine Hair Damaged Hair and/or Coarse Hair
    Kerasilk Product Smooth Medium Smooth Intense


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    Start by shampooing your client with the Kerasilk Control Purifying Shampoo.

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    Then, using your hands or a paddle brush, dry hair up to 80 percent.

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    Next, mix up your formulas depending on your client’s hair type and desired outcome, using an equal ratio of shape to smooth.


    Pro Tip: If your client’s hair is diverse, you can work with various formulas! For example, the regrowth could be treated with Shape Medium/Smooth Medium and the midlengths and ends with Shape Medium/Smooth Intense. See graph below:


    Suggested Amount Kerasilk Control Keratin Medium Kerasilk Control Keratin Intensive
    Short Hair 20ml./0.7 oz. 20ml./0.7 oz.
    Medium Hair 30ml./1.1 oz. 30ml./1.1 oz.
    Long Hair 40ml./1.4 oz.

    40ml./1.4 oz.

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    Use a brush and start applying the product at the nape, making sure your sections are less than a 1/4 inch.

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    Then, use a brush and dry the hair 100 percent. Continue your process by flat-ironing the hair. Make sure your iron is at least 350 degrees.


    Pro Tip: When the hair is treated with a high temperature, a color shift may occur. A test section may be performed at the nape. If needed, reduce the temperature of the iron accordingly. Do not go below 350 degrees °F / 180 degrees °C. See graph below:


    Hair Type Max Iron Temperature
    Resistant & Normal 450 °F / 230 °C
    Color 390 °F / 200 °C
    High-lift Color 350 °F / 180 °C


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    Next, wash hair with Kerasilk Control Shampoo and towel-dry.

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    Finish the smoothing service by applying the Kerasilk Control Finishing Cream Serum. Finally, make sure to send your client home with the Kerasilk Home Care products!