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Last updated: July 13, 2018

Tamed Texture and Pearly Brunette from Goldwell

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Tamed Texture and Pearly Brunette from Goldwell

Silky, smooth, controlled texture. Rich, luscious color. Today’s client wants it all–they want it fast and they want it safe. Well, thanks to the new Goldwell® Kerasilk® Keratin smoothing service, it’s check, check and check. In this makeover by Dimitrios Tsioumas and John Simpson, Goldwell Artists and NAHA champions, a client’s texture and color are transformed in one salon visit.

Who Did It
Dimitrios Tsioumas, Goldwell Global Master and Director, North American Artistic Team
John Simpson, Goldwell Global Master and Lead Artistic Director, North American Artistic Team
Photography: Greg Swales
Makeup: Adam Fleischhauer
Wardrobe Stylist: Rod Novoa

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    Model has a frizzy, wavy texture with a medium curl pattern. Her primary concern is to control frizz, but maintain her curls.

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    Conduct the consultation to determine the desired shaping and smoothing effect. In this case, equal parts of Goldwell® Kerasilk® Keratin Shape Medium and Goldwell® Kerasilk® Smooth Intense are combined to elongate, yet maintain curl and control frizz. Mix the formula, shampoo with Goldwell® Kerasilk® Purifying Shampoo and blow-dry to 80 percent dry.

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    Divide the head into quadrants and apply the mixture to 1/4-inch sections. Process for 15 minutes, then blow-dry with a paddle or round brush, depending on the desired result.

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    Resection the hair as before. begin at the nape and flat iron the 1/4-inch sections. Consult the manufacturer’s instructions for the correct temperature setting.

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    Shampoo with Goldwell® Kerasilk® Rich or Goldwell® Ulta Rich Keratin Care and seal with Goldwell® Kerasilk® Sealing Serum.

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    Color Formulas
    Formula A: Goldwell® Topchic® 40ml 20-volume developer (6%)+ 30 ml 6BP + 10ml 6GB
    Formula B: Goldwell® Nectaya® 30ml 30-volume developer (9%) + 30ml 9BN

    Create a diamond section that extends from the center point of the front hairline to mid-parietal, to the round of the crown.

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    Divide the head in the center back and horizontally at the nape. Clip away each section.

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    Create a front hairline diagonal section. Apply Formula A to midlengths and ends and Formula B to the top portion of the section, tapping Formula A into the meche.

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    The next section is a macro-weave. Apply the formulas in the same manner. Continue this technique on both sides.

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    Apply Formula A from scalp to ends, occipital to nape and in the top diamond section. Process for 30 minutes, rinse, shampoo, condition and style the hair.

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