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September 8, 2014

Knot Your Typical Ballerina Bun from Aveda


Knot Your Typical Ballerina Bun from Aveda

During the Novis spring/summer 2015 runway show, Aveda Guest Artist, Franz Rizzieri, created a sculptural knotted bun to coincide with the details and distinction of the collection. “Frank. “It has natural pieces piking out so it’s not too perfect. It’s definitely graphic, different, but simple looking to match the details of the clothes, but not take away from the collection.”

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  • 1

    Spritz hair with Aveda Pure Abundance™ Style Prep™ to give volume and thickness in preparation for the hair to hold the finished style.

  • 2

    Blow-dry the hair straight to help expand the volume while also creating sleekness. Then add a light mist of Aveda Brilliant™ Spray-On Shine for a touch of sheen.

  • 3

    Create a solid, center part before pulling hair tightly back into a ponytail that rests just above the nape of the neck, but below the center of the head. Firmly secure the ponytail with a bungee cord elastic.

  • 4

    Taking two sections from the ponytail, begin to strongly knot the sections tightly. Do this continuously until the end of the ponytail.

  • 5

    Coil the knotted sections up into the base of the ponytail, letting random pieces poke out for a sculptured look and added detail. Secure the knotted bun with pins until it is tight to the head.

  • 6

    Apply Aveda Air Control™ Hair Spray onto a small bristled brush and gently use on the top of the head toward the bun to smooth flyaways.

  • 7