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May 17, 2015

Balayage with Extensions from Hotheads


Balayage with Extensions from Hotheads

Do you have a commitment-phobic client who wants to try balayage or ombré but is afraid of letting a color formula touch their tresses? Hotheads Platform Artist and Educator, Alicia Iannone, tackled this problem head on by creating a balayage with no color formulas. How did she do it? With Hotheads Extensions, of course! “By providing extensions as a method to change hair colors, you are creating solutions for many clients that do not want to color their hair,” says Alicia. Here’s how she creates a beautifully blended balayage with extensions!

WATCH: How-To Perfectly Blended Balayage Using Extensions!


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    Since the starting level matched Hotheads Color #8 (Dark Blonde), apply #8, #23 (Beige Blonde), #25 (Pale Yellow) and #613 (Platinum) to create a natural, dimensional balayage.

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    Using the Hotheads Application Method, add highlights without lifting my model’s hair color.

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    Use #23 on bottom and #8 on top to achieve a softer look. Working toward the face, use brighter shades to create a bolder look.

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    Using your texturizing shears, thin out #8 (or top color) so that the bottom shade appears brighter. For guests looking for bolder highlights, place a blonde on top of another blonde.

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    As you approach the temple, use #25 on the bottom and #8 on top. #8 matches the model’s base color, allowing #25 to peek through.

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    For dimensional, but bold color effects, alternate the blondes used throughout the application.

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    When application is complete, take a look at the entire head to make sure there are no gaps or separations throughout.

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    Once the whole head has been applied, dust the ends of the perimeter to flawlessly blend extensions. Hotheads Extensions are pre-layered, so in most cases you will only need to trim the ends.

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