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December 10, 2013

Balanced Chestnut Brunette


Balanced Chestnut Brunette

Bleaching meets color blending in the “Color Harmony” technique from Alfaparf Milano. For those clients who want subtle lightening but are short on time, grab Supermeches+ High Lift Powder Bleach. Even if your client requires all over color, Supermeches+ will cut treatment times in half.

Other Techniques Include:
Summer Twister
– for stunning light effects on lengths and ends. Get the how-to!
Color Shake– a new twist for classic bobs! Color effects are only visible when hair moves. Get the how-to!
Surf Lightening– for short hair. This creates fresh, light effects at the top of head. Get the how-to!
Sunray– Brings out the very best in short hair using precision effects. Also ideal for men! Get the how-to!

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  • 1

    Mix in a bowl Evolution of The Color3 5.5 with Oxid’o Alfaparf Milano 10-volume, dilluiion ratio 1:1,5. Apply the chosen basic color all over the hair from roots to ends.

  • 2

    After applying the basic color, comb the hair into the place of the final styling. Mix in a bowl Supermeches+ High Lift with Oxid’o Alfaparf Milano 20-volume, dillution ratio 1:2.

  • 3

    Choose an area where you wish to see a lighter effect on the midlengths and ends. Pick up the hair in a V-shaped section, narrow at the sides and deeper in the center. Start to paint the bleaching mixture onto the section.

  • 4

    Work in a V shape so that the application is thinner at the edges of the section and becomes denser in the center of the section.

  • 5

    Choose another place on the head where you want to see an area of lightness and repeat the same sectioning and application technique.

  • 6

    Repeat the application on the opposite front side of the head. Here we selected two V shaped sections at the back of the head and one for each side.

  • 7

    Develop the color for 35 minutes and shampoo. The finished result shows a lightening effect where the tones harmonize perfectly together.