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Last updated: May 27, 2017

Shades of Plum Brunette Ombré

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Shades of Plum Brunette Ombré

For a subtle yet high-impact result, try the “Color Shake” technique from Alfaparf Milano. This particular technique enhances a timeless bob shape by revealing a subtle touch of creative color when the hair is in motion. Since this is a “partial” service, Supermeches+ Fast Ultra Rapid Bleaching Cream is the perfect solution to lift faster than a conventional powder.

Other Techniques Include:
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    Starting Level: Faded 6.5 through midlengths and ends
    Create a narrow oval section around the parting (A). This hair acts as a veil. A smaller oval section will expose more color, a larger oval section will conceal more color. Take curved triangular sections beneath the oval section (B and C). The triangles should be roughly 2cm behind the front hairline.

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    Mix in a bowl Supermeches+ Fast with Oxid’o Alfaparf Milano 20-volume, dillution ratio 1:2. Mix in a bowl Evolution of the Color3 5.22 with Oxid’o Alfaparf Milano 20-volume, dillution ratio 1:1,5.

    On the first triangular section, start taking vertical subsections roughly 1cm wide – for a more subtle result use narrower sections. Color section 1 using the bleaching mixture. Paint the color about 1cm away from the roots.

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    Take a second 1cm vertical section. Color this section using the color mix roughly 1cm away from the root.

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    Continue in this way to the back of the section, taking 1cm vertical sections and alternating between the two different colors.

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    Repeat the same application on the triangle section on the opposite side of the head.

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    When the triangle application is finished, apply the base color to the rest of the hair.

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    Mix in a bowl Evolution of the Color3 5.14 with Oxid’o Alfaparf Milano 10-volume, dillution ratio 1:1,5. Start in the top center section. Apply the color mix from roots to ends.

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    Make sure to apply the base color between the foils to color the roots of the colored sections.

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    The finished effect gives glimmers of colour in the movement of the hair. A perfect technique to create interest in a 1-length bob shape without detracting from the sleekness of the overall look.

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