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Last updated: June 03, 2018

A Hint of Ombré

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A Hint of Ombré

Subtle graduation is the trend these days, and this lovely shade from Alfaparf Milano is perfect for those clients who want a sunkissed effect without having to undergo stressful services! This innovative “Summer Twister” technique makes it possible to create amazing light effects on the lengths and ends in a fast and fabulous way, no backcombing necessary!

The technique involves the use of Rigen Nourishing Cream, which forms a barrier to bleaching for a very natural, gradual lightening process. The cream nourishes the hair during the lightening process and the high lightening power of Supermeches+ makes it ideal for bleaching dark bases.


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    Natural Level: 5

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    Section the hair into triangles. The quantity and size of the triangles depends on the lightening result you want to create. Here we see three triangles in front – the center is the shorter layers around the face, the two side triangles contain the longer layers around the face.

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    A large triangle is taken around the crown of the head. The remaining hair is spilt into triangles of equal size.

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    Keep in mind, you could work with a combination of different sized triangles to create different lightening in different areas of the hair. More, smaller triangles will give a lighter result, while less, larger triangles give a softer lightening effect.

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    Release one triangle and apply a generous quantity of Rigen Nourishing Cream to the root area. Apply the inside the triangle section, both to the roots and the midlengths of the hair. Apply to different points of the mindlengths to create an uneven stopping point. This will create a more blended natural looking color result.

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    In a bowl, mix Supermeches+ High Lift with Oxid’o Alfaparf Milano 20-volume, dilution ratio 1:2. Apply the bleaching mixture starting at the ends. Apply a generous quantity of the product to the very ends of the hair and massage into the hair to make sure that the product penetrates into all of the hair at the tips. Continue the application working up the hair shaft.

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    Once the outside of the triangle section is coated, twist the hair tightly. This will force the product to penetrate into and up the hair shaft. Twisting the hair pushes the product up the hair shaft and distributes the bleaching mixture in a diffuse manner through the section. If there is a lot of dark hair visible after twisting, coat the twisted hair with more bleaching mixture and twist again to spread the additional product.

    Repeat the same application to the next triangle across. Before starting on a new section, wipe your gloves clean on a towel or tissue to maintain a clean application.

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    As you work up the head, apply Rigen Nourishing Cream less far down the hair shaft. Remember as you work each section to stop the cream application at a different place on the length if the hair to help to create a gently blended result.

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    Continue the bleaching mixture application in the same way. Concentrate on the ends and then the exterior of the triangle, finally twisting the section to distribute the product. The front triangles by the face contain the hair that is most susceptible to natural lightening. These are some of the lightest areas. Apply less Rigen Nourishing Cream at the front of the triangle and more at the back to mimic this sunkissed effect.

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    The center top section is the shortest hair. Here, pay attention that your application of Rigen Nourishing Cream and the bleaching mixture works proportionally with the whole application. 

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    Process until the desired amount of lightening is achieved.

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    The finished result shows darker roots, moving softly into light ends.