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October 28, 2013

Sunlit Auburn from Alfaparf Milano


Sunlit Auburn from Alfaparf Milano

Here’s something for the short haired ladies in your chair! This innovative “Surf Lightening” technique from Alfaparf Milano is perfect for pixies, close crops and layers—it’s even ideal for men! The technique involves the use of Rigen Nourishing Cream which forms a barrier to bleaching, for very natural, gradual lightening. The cream nourishes the hair while Supermeches+ goes to work during the lightening process!




  • 1

    Starting Level: 7

  • 2

    Apply a thick layer of Rigen Nourishing Cream to the surface of the hair to create a barrier. Paint the product onto the hair in the same direction as the fall of the hair in the finished styling. Apply the Rigen Nourishing Cream most thickly at the top of the hair, with a thinner application towards to ends

  • 3

    Use the end teeth of a comb to draw linear openings in the hair. The openings will be stronger highlighted areas in the finished result, so position them where you want to see more lightness.

  • 4

    In a bowl, mix Supermeches+ Fast with Oxid’o Alfaparf Milano 30-volume, diluition ratio 1:2. Paint the product directly over the top of the hair, in the same direction as the application of the Rigen Nourishing Cream, working from root to tip.

  • 5

    Apply the product generously at the root and gradually fade out the application towards the very ends of the hair.

  • 6

    Protect the skin where necessary using a piece of cotton wool to elevate the hair away from the skin.

  • 7

    Note that the bleaching application fades out towards the ends of the hair. Be careful not to over-apply the product at the ends.

  • 8

    Allow to process for 20 minutes.