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Last updated: July 12, 2019

On-The-Scalp Lightener: 3 Pro Tips

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On-The-Scalp Lightener: 3 Pro Tips

You know that platinum client who can’t wait six weeks for a bleach root touch-up? And you start to sweat because the regrowth is so minimal? With these three pro tips, your on-the-scalp lightening will go much smoother thanks to BTC Team Member Josie Vilayvanh (@josievilay). She’s sharing how she handles this tricky application, restoring that pure platinum tone from roots to ends. Watch how Josie does it in the video below, then keep reading for her tips!



Watch The Video How-To Below


Josie’s Top 3 Tips

1. Developer Strength

Start with a lower developer because smaller bleach touch-ups will require more time.


2. Starting Point

Begin the bleach application in the back so you have easy access to the sink if the back needs to be rinsed before the front is ready.


3. Section Size

Be sure to take super fine, clean sections so you can see through and between the cotton.



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