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Last updated: November 30, 2018

3 Ways To Maintain Tone On Platinum Hair

(Plus some gratuitous Platinum Card photos for your satisfaction 😉)

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3 Ways To Maintain Tone On Platinum Hair

Platinum blondes HAVE to be your pickiest clients. We KNOW, we know…you still see yellow. Keep her icy white from the bowl to her next root touch-up with these three methods we gathered at the Paul Mitchell Gathering!


The Gathering, held in Las Vegas (PARTY!) is where 3,500 hairdressers and future professionals come together to get technical training, business advice and major hair (and life) inspiration. It’s super fun, especially when we get to slip backstage and talk to the incredible team of Paul Mitchell hairdressers who put on the show! That’s where we heard these major tips from Paul Mitchell International Trainer Anya Segars. Keep scrolling and get ready for your platinum clients to be impressed!


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3 Ways To Maintain Tone On Platinum Hair

1. Tone To The Level Of Lift

The number one mistake colorists make is toning for a level higher than what you’ve achieved in the lifting process. Toning a Level 7 blonde with Level 9 hues will result in muddy (or worse, GREEN) hair.


Which lightener to use? For full Platinum Card applications, lift with a powder lightener like Paul Mitchell SynchroLift to achieve a change of up to seven levels. For root touch-ups, try the Paul Mitchell Blue Oil Lightener System, which is gentler for on-scalp lightening. Both lightening systems are blue, filtering warm tones that will immediately improve your client’s impression of hair.


You’ve heard it time and again, and that’s because it’s true: To achieve true platinum, you have to reach a Level 10. When you get there, try some of these favorite Paul Mitchell The Demi formulas:

  • The Demi 9V + Clear + Paul Mitchell Processing Solution
  • The Demi 9V + 9PA + Clear + Paul Mitchell Processing Solution
  • alternating skip slices of The Demi 10BV + Paul Mitchell Processing Solution and The Demi 10PA + Paul Mitchell Processing Solution (see below!)


Paul Mitchell International Trainer Heather Kaanoi demonstrated the placement for her skip-sectioning technique using two formulas.


2. Moisturize Blondes At The Bowl

This pro tip Anya divulged backstage had us very excited: For thirsty blondes, keep the hair vibrant and shiny by toning with Pop XG Opalescent, a semi-permanent opal shade in a thick, conditioning base that heps cancel out yellow tones. For even more thirst-quenching power, mix POP XG Opalescent into a treatment (like Tea Tree Hair and Scalp Treatment).


Spotted backstage at The Gathering 2018! Instagram via @anyafreya


3. Craft The Perfect Take-Home Care

To keep her platinum icy between appointments, mix a custom conditioner with Paul Mitchell Color Craft. Take the colorless conditioning treatment in the 200mL jar and add 5 pumps of Misty Violet Color Craft Liquid Color Concentrate to achieve a pale purple. For a more intense purple conditioner, add more pumps of Liquid Color Concentrate. She’ll be impressed at the custom approach, and you’ll be glad she isn’t going brassy between appointments!


Instagram via @cuomocromeans



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