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Last updated: November 25, 2020

Toning 101: Neutralizing Warmth At Every Level

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Toning 101: Neutralizing Warmth At Every Level

Achieving those on-trend cool-toned shades like platinum, ashy blonde and silver can be tricky when stubborn underlying pigments of orange and yellow just won’t lift from the hair. The secret to success? Toning, and toning queen Josie Vilayvanh (@josievilay) recently took to Instagram to show how she neutralizes warmth in every level with the help of Schwarzkopf Professional’s true-to-tone IGORA VIBRANCE® line. Watch Josie’s video below, then keep scrolling for the breakdown and her top toning tips!


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Watch the video below (with the sound on!) to hear Josie explain her toning chart!

Video Breakdown

  • The top row of swatches is what each level lifts to, underlying warmth and all.
  • The numbers are the recommended IGORA VIBRANCE® shades for each level.
  • The bottom row of swatches are what Levels 5 to 10 will look like when toned with the IGORA VIBRANCE® shade directly above it.



Josie’s Toning Tips

  • IGORA VIBRANCE® is true to tone, so it won’t leave blondes violet, gray or ashy unless you formulate it that way. Since it’s a demi-permanent line, after a couple of washes, clients will come back with a nice clean canvas to work on.


  • Make sure you’re toning with the right levels.
    • If the hair is not a pale banana yellow, you can’t tone with the 9,5 series.
    • If she’s at a Level 8/low 9, tone with the same level for the best results.


  • For Level 7/8, tone with IGORA VIBRANCE® 8-11 for an ashy silver finish.


  • For a Level 6 client, tone with IGORA VIBRANCE® 7-4 for a creamy beige blonde result.


  • For Level 5/6, tone with IGORA VIBRANCE® 6-12 for more of a smokier hue.



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