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Last updated: July 06, 2018

3 Business Tips From @josievilay (A SUPER Successful Salon Owner!)

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Business owners, listen up! We know your job ain’t easy. Owning a salon means working hard day in and day out, it means constant sweat, and sometimes, lots of tears 😭. So we went to super successful salon owner and BTC team member @josievilay for some of her go-to business tips. Check them out below—and trust us, you want her words of wisdom 😘!




1. Find The Right People For Your Business


  • Know This: You can have the best business plan in the world, but what you can’t plan for, says Josie, are “people.” People—your staff and your customers—are the most unpredictable aspects when it comes to owning a business.
  • Do This: Find yourself an “A-team” and delegate roles to each person (you can’t do it all!). Instead of telling your employees who they should be, find their skills and nurture them along as they discover their passion and voice. Then maximize them to their fullest potential.


2. Get A Social Media Coordinator


  • Know This: Social media is a full-time job. If you’re running a salon, chances are you don’t have enough time to run your social accounts successfully or with the attention they require. You are the front end of your business, let someone else handle the back end.
  • Do This: Hire a social media coordinator! With online courses, daily emails and constant client appointments, Josie simply couldn’t handle it all—she turned to a digital marketing firm and they changed her life. Another thing Josie suggests? A landline phone! “It’s the least you can do for your sanity. That way, clients aren’t messaging you directly on your personal phone.”


3. Celebrate The Small Stuff


  • Know This: Negative online reviews can be draining—especially after putting in so much time and effort behind the scenes at your salon. 
  • Do This: Don’t let it get you down! Josie likes to celebrate every victory—big or small—with her team. Good energy and positive vibes are always good for a salon’s morale.


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