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Last updated: July 01, 2021

Should We Be Lightening The Same Way We Cook?!

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Food For Thought… Literally

You wouldn’t broil raw chicken to make it cook faster, so we shouldn’t use a 40-volume with lightener to process faster—right?  


BTC Team Member and Schwarzkopf Professional Artistic Team Member Josie Vilay (@josievilay) shares a smart (and hilarious) visual via Instagram explaining how amping up developer volume for the sake of saving time could burn you and your client in the end.


When Lightening, Sometimes It’s Important To Remember The Basics!

Thankfully for us, Josie’s spring roll cooking mishap got all of our gears turning. 


“Cooking is much like lightening hair in some ways. The higher the setting, the faster the food cooks,” says Josie. “The quicker you want to be blonde, the faster your hair fries off and breaks. The lower the setting, the slower it takes, but the outcome is more even. It takes time and commitment but the end result is like fine dining!” 



Using a lower volume developer may mean a longer appointment time, but it has a way better shot at guaranteeing a beautiful and even coverage!


Our takeaway—remember, developer is used to develop color and pigment so be cautious to not rush a process that will happen naturally. 


Slow and steady wins the race and in this case dinner, too! 


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