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Last updated: November 22, 2017

Transformation: Smoky, Metallic Ombré + 3 Pre-Lightening Tips

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A few days before their #thebtcshow stage presentation, we dropped by Redken’s prep room to check out all the model transformations happening backstage…and it’s safe to say we were #redkenobsessed with what we saw. Here’s one of our favorites from Veronica Ridge (@veronicavridge)! 


Zone 1 Re-Touch: Redken Flash Lift Lightener + 30-volume Pro-Oxide developer


Formula A: Redken Shades EQ Gloss Clear 000 + Shades EQ Processing Solution


Formula B: 3 parts Shades EQ 09T + 1 part 06T + Shades EQ Processing Solution


Formula C: 1 oz. Shades EQ Gloss Clear 000 + 1 drop 01B + Shades EQ Processing Solution



While backstage, we also picked up three super helpful pre-lightening tips from Veronica as she was touching up that dark regrowth!


Reverse Your Brush Direction
When Veronica applies her lightener, she applies in one direction first (from the scalp down), then reverses the direction of her brush (sweeping up toward the root). This ensures a more precise application, and that the lightener will not overlap on previously-lightened hair.



Mix Your Lightener Often
Veronica mixes fresh lightener throughout the entire pre-lightening process—at least four times. “I won’t mix more than 15 grams of lightener at once,” she shares. “And when I run out, that’s my reminder to mix more.” This will give you a more consistent end result.


Try Bookmarking
For a faster, more consistent lift, Veronica works with foil “bookmarks” when pre-lightening. But here’s her caveat for placing the foils: “Make sure to place the bookmarks lightly,” she says. “If you push [the foil] down too hard, the lightener will slide out from underneath, which can create breakage, damage or a white line.” 



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