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Last updated: July 26, 2021

WATCH: How To Eliminate Yellow Bands

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This Video Will Teach You How To Eliminate Yellow Bands

With 4 inches of Level 3 new growth and yellow bands to get through, this wasn’t going to be easy on BTC Team Member @josievilay. Plus, she was in a time crunch. “I decided to take a different approach today on my bleach-out because I had another client in between,” she said. “I had to work faster because she had three bands and 4-inch regrowth and I only had 1 hour to apply steps 1 and 2!” But of COURSE, she knocked it out of the park! Keep scrolling for her technique, formulas and tips!


Products Used


Watch The Video How-To Below


Starting Level:

Root: 4 inches of Level 3 new growth

Mids: Level 9

Ends: Level 10



Color Formulas:

Formula A:

Powder lightener + 15-volume developer


Formula B:

Powder lightener + 25-volume developer


Formula C:

Powder lightener + 20-volume developer


Formula D:

40g L’ANZA Healing Haircare Healing Color 100 Ultra Light Blonde Booster + 7 g 100V Ultra Light Violet Blonde + 47g L’ANZA Healing Color Translucent Color Catalyst + 94g L’ANZA Demi Cream Developer 





Application Steps:

1. Section the hair into quadrants. Apply Formula A in ¼-inch sections at the root, painting about 2 inches down. Apply the lightener liberally to the top and bottom of every section in a global root touch-up application.


2. Paint the remaining 2 inches of new growth with Formula B until just above the first band and separate each section with cotton for a concise application to avoid overlapping your formulas.


3. Feather Formula C to the yellow banding to lift just one level.


4. Process for 1 hour.


5. Remove all cotton and rinse lightener out. Towel-dry hair, then apply toner to damp hair.


6. Section the hair into quadrants and apply Formula D to the roots and midlengths. Josie adds the L’ANZA Translucent Color Catalyst to her toners because it neutralizes the ammonia in the permanent color molecules and acidifies the formula, allowing for slight color pigmentation and translucent results. 


Pro Tip: Mix L’ANZA Healing Color and the Translucent Color Catalyst first to deactivate the ammonia in the permanent color, then add the Demi Cream Developer.


7. Shampoo and deep condition the hair, then style as desired.


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