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August 1, 2019

3 Ways To Speed Up Color Applications

IGORA10 Fast Lowlights Hair Painting Balayage Technique Schwarzkopf Professional Jessica Scott Santos @jessicascotthair
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Timesavers: Quickie Lowlights, Breaking The Base & Faster Root Smudges
Say it louder for the people in the backTIME IS MONEY  💸 🙌🏼 And if you’re not speeding up routine color services with timesaving tricks and quickie techniques, then you are losing money behind the chair. That’s why we’re sharing three easy ways to speed up color applications with quickie lowlights, a 30-minute base breaking technique and faster root smudges! Keep scrollin’ and start making more dollars in the salon ASAP.


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1. Quickie Lowlights
We know bright dimension requires highs AND lowsand quickie lowlights will help you create the depth needed to make brightness pop in less time. For balayage clients, BTC Team Member Jessica Scott (@jessicascotthair) paints lowlights throughout using a balayage board and Schwarzkopf Professional IGORA COLOR10. Since time and paint = money, and IGORA COLOR10 only needs to process for 10 minutes, these fast formulas will save you time during those lengthy hair painting appointments.


Watch The Quickie Lowlight Painting Technique Below!

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2. Break The Base In Less Than 30 Minutes
If your client needs a root-touch up or wants a blended base but doesn’t have enough regrowth to complete a retouch with lightener, a break base is your best move. Not only is this an easy add-on service that’ll make you more money, but you can also get it done in less than 30 minutes. It’s THIS easy: Just apply the IGORA COLOR10 base break formula, process for 10 minutes and apply a toner from mids to ends. This speedy process will blur and blend harsh lines AND refresh their color without using lightener. 


Tap HERE to watch Josie break the base on Facebook Live!



3. The Secret To Faster Root Smudges
Whether your gray coverage clients need a refresh or you want to give highlight and balayage babes a softer, more seamless grow-out process with a shadow rootroot smudges are pretty routine at this point. But if you’re going to be taking that extra step on the regular, why not speed up the process? That’s why Stevie Meech (@hairbystevie) smudges with IGORA COLOR10 because it gives up to 100 percent white hair coverage in only 10 minutes.


Pro Tip: Comb through from roots to mids for even saturation and blending.


Watch Stevie’s Root Smudge Process Below!

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