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Last updated: June 17, 2019

Money Piece: Color Placement Diagram & 3 Toning Formulas

Money Piece: 3 Toning Formulas + Color Placement Diagram L'ANZA Leah Freeman Ivan Hernandez
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Learn This Color Placement Technique & 3 Money Piece Toning Formulas
The best balayage happens when paired with a “money piece”—those ribbons of light that frame and contour your client’s face. BTC Team Member Ivan Hernandez (@justhairobsession) is known for his Insta feed of bold dimension and that’s why he’s dishing out his color placement technique to achieve that burst of brightness! Check out the diagram, technique and three money piece toning formulas below!



Color Placement Technique

  1. Determine a focal point based on where the client wants to see the most brightness around the face and hair texture.
  2. Take triangular sections with each point meeting at the top of the head, directly where the parting splits—the accumulation of these points will create that bold money piece effect.
  3. Working horizontally on both sides, create an emphasis around the face frame by heavily saturating the front sections last. Pro Tip: Ivan recommends mixing a small additional batch of a stronger lightening formula to achieve maximum lift in the front.
  4. Here’s how to slay the blend: “Keeping the head firm and resisting the pull is key for an even blend,” shares Ivan. “Because my application is heavy, I use a dry brush to blend any problem areas.”


Instagram via @justhairobsession


Use These 3 Money Piece Toners

Ivan recommends using different toning formulas around the head to create contrast and dimension. That’s why we snagged three money piece toners from L’ANZA Healing Haircare Global Color Director Leah Freeman (@leahfreeman1). Scroll through, screenshot and use them behind the chair!


Formula A
20g L’ANZA Healing Color 100V + 5g 200V + 25g Translucent Color Catalyst + 50g Demi Cream Developer


Formula B
L’ANZA Healing Color 10A + Demi Cream Developer


Formula C
5g L’ANZA Healing Color 7NV + 20g 100B + 25g Translucent Color Catalyst + 50g Demi Cream Developer


Products Used


Click through to get inspired by Ivan’s gorge money pieces!

Instagram via @justhairobsession



Use this money piece tail comb technique & eliminate the line of demarcation!

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