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Tips To Master Quick Summer Blonding Techniques 

It’s here. Blonde season is in full swing and we’re all looking for quick tips to lighten (safely!) and efficiently for our clients. Check out this herringbone highlight technique for soft, natural-looking color (and a neutral toning formula!) on any hair type. 


1. Create Seamless Highlights Around The Hairline & Part  

Herringbone highlights simply mean that we’ll be angling our foiled sections instead of working in a straight line. Many of us do this around the temples and hairline but utilizing this technique on the entire head gives a natural sun-kissed look.


Wella Education Signature Artist and Master Color Expert Carrera Alvarez (@carreraa.wella) shares how using diagonal sectioning to highlight allows for a lot of movement without any lines of demarcation. “Placing the foils on a diagonal will help the color to diffuse more evenly and give the client the ability to wear the hair without a specific part,” says Carrera.


Watch this herringbone technique demo using Wella Professionals Blondorplex + 20-volume developer:

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2. Foiling Tips To Avoid Brass & Banding

When you’re working with a full head of foils, it’s hard to keep an eye on every single one. Here are some foiling tips to keep in mind to keep sections clean and precise for a splotch-free end result. 


Carrera’s foiling tips: 

  • Avoid over-handling the foils. A minimal amount of touching is best to avoid foils slipping and product bleeding.
  • Keep sections thin and clean. Too thick of sections will weigh foils down and cause lightener to slide down the hair and process unevenly.
  • Saturation is key. Carrera says, “Avoid putting too much product at the top of the foil. Leave a little space to allow for product swelling—this will keep the lightener from seeping out of the foils.” 


3. Tone The Perfect Beachy Blonde (Not Too Warm Or Cool)

Trends are starting to drift into super natural tones and we’re loving it. To avoid over-toning your client’s hair and leaving them feeling too warm (or purple!) check out Carrera’s go-to formula for beautiful summer blondes. 


Two-step Shimmer Melt Glaze formula:

“I wanted to create a slightly shadowed root melting into a lighter creamy blonde through the ends,” Carrera explains. 

  1. On towel-dried hair, apply equal parts Wella Shinefinity Zero Lift Glaze 07/13 + 09/13 and smudge about 2 inches down from the root.
  2. Then, melt equal parts of Shinefinity Zero Lift Glaze 09/13 + 09/61 from the root smudge through the ends to create a melted effect. 


Here’s the finished look! A perfect beachy blonde your clients will love. 

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A post shared by Carrera Alvarez (@carreraa.wella)


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