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Last updated: November 29, 2022

3 Steps To Properly Cleanse Curls & Coils

Read This Easy Guide For Clean, Healthy Curls

Struggling to create long-lasting styles for curly and coily clients? It might not be the styling you’re struggling with, but the cleansing! Read this guide to learn how to set up your styles for success with the help of Wella Professionals Curl Craft Care Pro Artist Gabrielle Henderson (@huesbygabrielle)


Keep reading to learn how to get your curls squeaky clean, what products you need and what products you don’t! 


1. Start by creating a clean canvas

To create styles that last, a clean hair and scalp are a MUST. “This is what’s going to determine whether your style will be a success or not,” explains Gabrielle. “It always starts with shampoo,” she adds.


If your clients are coming out of a protective style, there’s a chance their hair hasn’t been cleansed in months. That’s why Gabrielle starts with a clarifying shampoo to completely clean and remove buildup from the hair and scalp. Then, she follows with a moisturizing shampoo to rehydrate the hair.


Her go-to products for cleansing? Wella Professionals Aqua Pure Purifying Shampoo and Wella Professionals FusionPlex Intense Repair Shampoo


Pro Tip: Gel products are commonly used on curly clients’ hairlines, so be sure to pay extra attention to cleansing this area!

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2. The product you should NEVER skip

“Some people think conditioning is optional but it’s not: It is mandatory,“ Gabrielle warns. “Jumping straight from shampoo to a leave-in conditioner or a styler is going to set you up for failure,” she adds. Conditioner is key to easy detangling and client comfort! 


Pro Tip: Gabrielle recommends not using more than four to five products in your curly care routine. When it comes to product, less is more! She uses a clarifying shampoo, a hydrating shampoo, a deep conditioner, a leave-in treatment and a styler. 

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3. Keep clients coming back by doing THIS…

After cleansing, Gabrielle applies Wella Professionals NUTRICURLS Deep Conditioning Treatment and lets it sit for 10 minutes at the bowl paired with a steamed treatment. Here’s why:

Steam opens the hair cuticle, allowing for maximum absorption (and benefits) when conditioning! 


Pro Tip: Gabrielle recommends following the manufacturer’s instructions for conditioning. If a conditioner sits too long, there may be a buildup of protein. Too much protein can lead to breakage later!

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