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Last updated: August 11, 2023

Clients With Buildup, Scalp Issues or Worse? Try This Treatment!

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Photos Courtesy of Malibu C

Head Lab® 101: This Scalp Wellness Scope Will Change Your Business

If your client uses water and has a scalp, we can guarantee one thing: Their hair has unavoidable buildup. To tackle this issue, Malibu C Senior Global Educator Missy Peterson (@missypetersonhair) and National Educator Erica Billingsley ( use Malibu C Head Lab® technology to show their clients exactly what is going on with their scalp at a microscopic level.


Keep scrolling to learn how one tool can identify sticky scalp situations, track progress and multiply your revenue through customized treatment plans and convenient add-ons.


Swipe to see how a clogged follicle clears up after just one Head Lab® treatment:


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This one tool will change your entire business—Try Head Lab® today!


Use the scope to create treatment plans & identify scalp concerns at a microscopic level.

Inspired by Japanese Head Spa, Head Lab® is science for the scalp at a microscopic level. Treatments start with a digital scope that magnifies what stylists see on the scalp via phone or tablet, allowing them to get a closer look at complex compounds that impact scalp health.


Using the scope, stylists can:


  • Get a microscopic view of their client’s scalp
  • Create a custom three to six month treatment plan for each client and track their results via scope
  • Provide their clients with visual results after just one treatment


Note: Stylists are not licensed to diagnose or treat scalp disorders or diseases. In these cases, Missy always directs clients to a medical professional.


Pro tip: Head Lab® can be super beneficial for clients with hair loss—something we learn very little about in cos school. Sometimes, the client isn’t actually losing hair; the growth is just trapped underneath buildup.


The Head Lab® scope catches dry shampoo buildup, irritation and more:


Photo Courtesy of Malibu C


Expand your service menu or change your career path: Head Lab® does it all.

As a former stylist, Head Lab® completely changed the trajectory of Missy’s career. With the days of cuts and color behind her, Missy is now a full-time trichologist specializing only in Head Lab®. Missy built a completely new clientele—with some clients even being referred to her by other stylists who know they’ll still retain their client base. It’s a win-win for everybody.


Head Lab® can also easily be built into existing services or scheduled between longer appointments. Head Lab® treatments typically only last 30 minutes, making them time efficient AND cost effective.


Missy always makes sure to track her Head Lab® results so she can show her clients how far their scalps have come:


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More efficient services, client retention, lucrative add-ons and bolstered retail—add Head Lab® to your salon service menu!


For accuracy, Head Lab® consultations MUST be rooted in health & wellness.

Missy encourages Head Lab® stylists to go beyond their clients’ general hair history and product use during consultations. Head Lab® is all about restoring wellness to the scalp, so consultations need to include impactful questions like:


  • Do you take any vitamins or supplements?
  • What medications are you currently taking? (This is especially critical for hormonal medications.)
  • How frequently do you shampoo and what do you shampoo with?
  • Can I see your finger nails? (Missy asks this to see if the scalp issue is systemic or topical.)


Pro tip: Missy typically requires her Head Lab® clients to return every four weeks for three months minimum for a routine treatment.


Here’s how to organize each client’s Head Lab® results, using the client’s initials and a combination of Bs (befores), As (afters) and numbers to signify which photo corresponds with each stage of treatment:


Photo Courtesy of Malibu C


More buildup = more TLC: Customize each treatment plan to your scope results.

Missy prefers to map out Head Lab® treatment plans after a thorough scope so she can tailor specific treatments, processing times and at-home care directly to her client’s needs.


Here’s a rundown of a typical Head Lab® appointment:


  1. Provide a wellness consultation.
  2. Thoroughly scope using Malibu C’s head map.
  3. Surface clarify using Malibu C Un-Do-Goo Shampoo.
  4. Apply Malibu C Head Lab® Crystal Gel XL Treatment to remove mineral and environmental buildup.
  5. For best results, process using the Takara Belmont Spa Mist II for optimal treatment absorption.
  6. Cleanse with Un-Do-Goo Shampoo.
  7. Rebuild with Malibu C Miracle Repair With Cooling Menthol Hair Reconstructor.
  8. Take after pictures with the scope, then compare to the before pictures from the beginning of the service.


Pro tip: Work smarter, not harder: Elevate your Head Lab® services with aromatherapy, scalp massage techniques or facial treatments from Malibu C. This a great way to boost your ticket with ZERO additional processing time.


The Spa Mist II is a micro mister—NOT a steamer. This Head Lab® essential vibrates the hair so that treatments can absorb deeper into the scalp.

Photo Courtesy of Malibu C


See the results for yourself—watch Missy and Erica’s full Head Lab® tutorial via BTCTV!

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