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Last updated: August 25, 2023

Upgrade Your Barbershop From Cuts & Shaves To Overall Wellness

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Here’s How Scalp Wellness Transformed This Barber’s Entire Career

What sets your salon apart from the rest? For stylists who’ve brought Malibu C Head Lab® into their salons, that’s an easy answer: Wellness. Health is a large part of the beauty industry that remains untapped—and something that is increasingly coveted by clients.


Keep scrolling to learn how bringing health and wellness treatments to your salon can bolster revenue and bring your clients’ scalps back to life.


This barber strives to make wellness more accessible in the beauty industry.

For Edwin Veguilla (@edwin_veguilla), his journey with Malibu C is as personal as it is professional. As a liver transplant patient and a cancer survivor, Edwin opened his salon—Razor Roar Wellness & Barber Lounge in Zionsville, IN—to help his clients become the best version of themselves in the healthiest way possible.


It was when Edwin started working closely with Malibu C Founder and CEO Tom Porter that he found his calling. “Through Tom’s teachings, I realized there is a huge opportunity for us here in wellness to impact the industry. Especially for men,” Edwin says. “[Razor Roar is] the first wellness barber lounge in the world. Everything we do is centered around wellness. We are a wellness lounge first.”


Meet Edwin—or book an appointment with him at Razor Roar!

Photo Courtesy of Malibu C


Healthy scalp = healthy hair. Bring your service menu to the next level with Head Lab® & Malibu C!


Wellness barbershops fill the gap in men’s health within the beauty industry.

Picture it: From top to bottom, Razor Roar is designed to visually represent wellness. Vitamin-packed products line the shelves, aromatherapy and massage techniques can be built into any treatment and all refreshment beverages are infused with Malibu C Vitamin C Inside/Out so clients can get their daily vitamin boost.


Doesn’t sound like your average barbershop, does it? That’s because Edwin’s goal is especially true for men, who are often overlooked in the beauty industry. “Men are kind of forgotten, but we have skin and we have hair just like everybody else,” Edwin explains. “We’re the last ones putting on sunscreen or taking care of our skin and hair when we’re out and about.”


Edwin strives to change how men take care of themselves through wellness. Aka, Total Oxidation Management


Razor Roar invites men into a space of relaxation, pampering and wellness—a space of “I’ll have what he’s having.”

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This one treatment can slow the skin’s aging process (and change your barbershop forever!)

Total Oxidation Management is all about slowing down the natural process of oxidation. Oxidation occurs when oxygen metabolizes into harmful free radicals (think UV damage, minerals, pollution, etc.) in our bodies. These free radicals then cause oxidative stress, which contributes to aging and cell degeneration.


So, how do we combat this seemingly unavoidable aging? We’ll give you a hint: It’s hidden right in Malibu “C”‘s name! That’s right—it’s Vitamin C. While we often only think of Vitamin C as something we can eat, it can be a topical cure for oxidative ailments. For example, take Malibu C Scalp Therapy treatments. This take-home treatment is stored in heat-sealed packaging so that clients will use only the freshest, most effective Vitamin C possible. (That gentle tingle they feel when they use it—that’s their scalp making a comeback!)


Want to bring Total Oxidation Management to your salon? Click here to read how Head Lab® can change your business!

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Want to learn Head Lab® step-by-step? Watch a treatment in action via BTC-TV!


Try these pricing & add-on recommendations for Total Oxidation Management.

If you can already see yourself making room for scalp care in your salon, this is your sign to take the plunge. “Head Lab® is such an easy add-on—when you see it, it’s like a no-brainer,” Edwin says. “We can’t keep up with the demand. We are booked out weeks in advance. We can’t keep product in stock.”


At Razor Roar, a haircut costs $47 dollars. A 15-minute Head Lab® treatment/add-on costs $59—which is a lot of money in a very short time! Certified trichologist Missy Peterson (@missypetersonhair), on the other hand, charges $75 for a basic, 30-minute detox treatment and only works three days per week—making far more than she did when working full-time in corrective color.


That is an insane amount of money to make within 15 minutes. It doubles your ticket in half the time. Combined with the accessible cost and usability of the product/tools, this is a steal,” Edwin says. He estimates Head Lab® will double Razor Roar’s revenue in the next year and a half.


Plus, the revenue that comes in from Head Lab® more than outweighs the cost. Take Missy’s service, for example:


  • 1 box of Head Lab® Crystal Gel XL treatment (six packets) + Spa Mist II processing time = $2,700 for Missy
  • 1 Malibu C Head Lab® Intro Kit ($100) = $5,400 for Missy


Photo Courtesy of Malibu C


Want to bring Malibu C to your salon? Click here to get your Head Lab® intro kit today!


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