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Last updated: February 09, 2022

Justin Anderson’s Foil Technique For Rooty Blondes

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Justin Anderson Shares His Go-To Celeb Highlighting Techniques 

With clients looking to their fave celebs for haircolor inspo, knowing how to achieve their looks would make life so much easier, right? Good news for the blondies in your chair: Celeb colorist and dpHUE™ Co-Founder Justin Anderson (@justinanderson) shared his go-to techniques for clients like Gwyneth Paltrow, Margot Robbie and Kristin Cavallari during his 90-minute course on BTC University—and we’re sharing it all below! Click here to become a BTC-U Member and learn his signature highlighting technique for creating beachy blondes from start to end!



Gwyneth Paltrow: Babylights On A Naturally Light Base

“Gwyneth has a super light base naturally, so I do a lot of baby highlights on her and I don’t give her a shadow root. I like to lift her to that perfect pale yellow tone but keep the ends really light. But overall [her technique] is a lot of highlights throughout, creating a super, super blonde look.”  


Justin Shared A BTS Photo With Gwyneth In The Post Below!

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Margot Robbie: Back-To-Back Slices + A Dark Shadow Root

“When Margot is super blonde, she is the type of client that I like to do a ton of back-to-back slices with lots of foils. Then, I will apply an actual dark root so the result is an edgier bleach and tone look.”


However, Margot is currently sporting a more beachy blonde look. Here’s what Justin did: “For her look right now, I will just highlight her face frame and drag her base down A LOT with a 7NB or a 7N Shades EQ from Redken, but I keep her ends really light.”


Justin Shared This BTS Photo Of Margot For An Appearance On Good Morning America

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Kristin Cavallari: Universal Blonde Highlights 

“Kristin and I like to change it up all the time so when she is really blonde we just do highlights all throughout,” Justin shares. 


Justin Shared This Look Done For Bestie Kristin Cavallari!

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For Blondes That Need A Break—Suggest This Product! 

To avoid creating damage or blonde burnout, Justin says he’ll take a break from highlighting and give his blondes more of a rooty look. But because blondes love to see brightness in the face frame, he also recommends dpHUE™ Blonding Brush to every client—celeb or not. Why? “With the Blonding Brush, clients are able to paint strategic pieces and add some pops of brightness without bleach,” he explains.


2 Takeaway Tips:

You can learn Justin’s full technique during his 90-minute course, but we’re teasing two key tips you need to know now!


1. Alter Weave Size For A More Blended Result

To avoid streaky highlights and create dimensional blondes, Justin alters his painting placement and weave size when working at the crown. Here’s what he does:


  • At the bottom of the crown, take a thicker weave and apply lightener about a quarter of an inch down. Then, feather the lightener up on every other weave. “I want these bottom weaves to be a bit more piece-y so when the hair lays on top it creates a nice blended contrast,” he explains. 


  • For the top of the crown, take finer weaves (almost babylight sized) and feather the lightener up the entire weave to create an overall blend within the section. 


2. Brighten Dull Ends With This Treatment

For dull ends that need a boost but can’t handle more bleach, Justin applies a packet of Malibu C® Hard Water at the shampoo bowl. “The Malibu C will brighten up these ends without creating further damage,” he explains.


Slide For Justin’s Before & After From The Class! PLUS—Click The Beaker For Formula Deets!

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Ready To Learn Justin’s Full Technique PLUS Learn How Justin Got Started With His Celeb Clients? Click Here To Become A BTC-U Member & Receive Unlimited Access To His Course On BTC University!

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