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July 26, 2017

4 Tips for Creating a Perfect Shadow Root

  • Formula A (root melt)

    L’Oréal Professionel 5.1

  • Formula B (ends)

    L’Oréal Professionel 9.12 + Clear

4 Tips To Help You Create The Perfect Shadow Root Every Time

Most of your clients are still into the natural, low-maintenance look, and a shadow root is a great option for these clients. Brush up on your blending skills with these tips from two of the best root melters in the biz.


Products Used


Shadow Root for a Bright Blonde

Celeb stylist Justin Anderson (@justinandersoncolor) has given shadow roots to his fair share of California clients. On this bright blonde, he used the root gloss formula:



Justin taps the color just at the root to blend naturally with the highlights, which will diffuse any line of demarcation from the foil and create a subtler grow out.



He then processes for 15 minutes and shampoos, making sure to hold the ends up as he rinses. Watch Justin’s entire process!



Tone it Down
To make fashion colors look as “natural” as possible, Chris Weber (@chrisweberhair to his 70,000 Instagram followers) tones the roots a shade darker than the rest of the hair so they don’t appear too vibrant. He used this technique on the purple roots seen here.



Eliminate Bands
Explain to your clients that keeping their natural color at the root or using a soft, semi-permanent root is the way to go. “Never use permanent color on the root,” says Chris. “If your client’s roots grow in lighter, you’ll end up with a band of dark color you’ll need to touch up.”


Vibrant & Organic
When your client wants to see a big change that still looks organic, use this tip from Chris: On natural hair, go at least two levels darker at the root. So if your client is a blonde Level 10, use a Level 8 on the root.