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Last updated: October 30, 2018

QUICKIE: Toning A Root Smudge

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A root smudge is an easy color technique for creating subtle dimension while giving clients a natural, low-maintenance look, but does your toner consistently pull too warm? Gina Bianca (@the_hair_doctor) has a solution and she recently shared her toning hack with her 187k Instagram followers. Get the color formulas and how-to steps below, then watch how she does it!


Products Used

Watch The Video How-To Below

Color Formulas

Formula A: Paul Mitchell The Demi 9A + Processing Liquid
Formula B: Paul Mitchell The Demi 3BV + 4N + Processing Liquid



1. Start by applying a layer of conditioner over freshly rinsed and shampooed hair to avoid over-processing and to ensure the toner doesn’t pull too dark.


2. Then, apply Formula A from the scalp to the ends as the second layer.


3. Layer Formula B over the roots only, leaving out a thin section for a money piece. “When layered over the first two layers, this formula comes out about a Level 5,” shares Gina. “Overlaying a Level 5 toner over a Level 9 creates a perfect Level 7/8 tone because layering dilutes the formulas.”


4. Apply Formula B to the money piece last to maintain brightness, then use a wide-tooth comb to blend the root formula down into the midlengths. 


Check out some of Gina’s finished looks using this technique!



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