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December 19, 2017

@platinum_perfection’s Shadow Root Secret

  • Natural Level:


  • Formula A:

    Fanola 9.0 + 8.11 + a drop of Violet

If your routine platinum touch-up wants to change things up and rock a shadow root, how would you approach the application? If you like to bleach the root to nearly white first, then go in with the shadow root formula, you’re just creating more work for yourself. Find out Zach Mesquit’s (@platinum_perfection) secret to creating a subtle shadow root on his platinum clients!



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1. Lift the new growth to a Level 8 lemony yellow tone, then apply Formula A to the root area only.


2. Process for 20 minutes, then drag pieces down to seamlessly blend the formula into her platinum locks.


3. At the bowl, smoosh the formula all over. Then, shampoo with Fanola No Orange Shampoo to remove any unwanted orange tones.


Watch The Video How-To Below!