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Last updated: January 17, 2020

5 Factors To Consider Before Renting a Class Space

new moroccanoil academy
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Moroccanoil Academy set up for a technical, hands-on class.

5 Factors To Consider Before Renting a Class Space

Are you a salon owner who wants to upgrade your education offerings for your staff? How about a hairdresser who wants to share your talents with the industry by hosting your own class? Or maybe you are an aspiring influencer who is looking for a place to make content. If you’re looking for an academy space for any of these reasons, we have a place you should check out—keep reading to see where it is!


BTC at the Academy’s grand opening! From L to R: Moroccanoil® Vice President, Global Education Hair & Beauty Robert Ham, BTC’s Kristen Cote-Favaro, BTC Founder Mary Rector, BTC’s Haley Gable, BTC’s Lauren Rees and Moroccanoil® Artistic Director Kevin Hughes.


BTC had a sneak peek of Moroccanoil’s state-of-the-art academy space—a totally upgraded, massive and brand new 8,500-square-foot area in Manhattan, New York—that will be the home of all of the brand’s education beginning in January 2020. The coolest part? Anyone can use this space! That means any licensed hairdresser can take a Moroccanoil® Academy class, and anyone can rent the academy to use (you aren’t required to be a stylist of a Moroccanoil® salon to do either!).


new moroccanoil academy
Moroccanoil Academy set up for a technical, hands-on class.


Keep reading for peeks at the space and the grand opening party, plus the five key things you should consider before renting an academy space!


1. Location, location, location

Nobody can attend your class if they can’t easily get to it, right? In the heart of Midtown East, the Moroccanoil® Academy is surrounded by public transportation and super close to train stations and three major airports. Even better, it’s on the 12th floor, which means NYC is the backdrop to events held in the space.



2. On-location content studio

Do it for the ‘gram! No, really, to stay relevant and keep clients in your chair, you do need to do it for the ‘gram. And if you’re hosting a class, that means there’s a lot of great hair happening right in front of you! That’s why Moroccanoil® built an in-house content studio—complete with a makeup area, changeable backdrops and all the equipment you need to go live on IG or just create clickable content for your social channels.


new moroccanoil academy
Moroccanoil Academy in New York City set up for an event.


3. Designed for learning

Your salon is a beautifully designed space—for a salon. But it was never built to be an education studio, so logistically, classes can get tricky. Look for a space that helps facilitate learning instead of hindering it. The Moroccanoil® Academy has theater seating with a stage, and it is set up for ideal learning (think mannequin stands that rise up from out of the floor, moveable stations and perfectly calibrated lighting).


BTC Founder Mary Rector with Moroccanoil® Co-Founder Carmen Tal and Moroccanoil® Global Creative Director Antonio Corral Calero at the Moroccanoil® Academy grand opening.


4. State-of-the-art technology

Have you ever sat in the back of an in-salon class and struggled to see? Don’t let that be attendees of your class! Seek an event space that already has solid tech capabilities. Moroccanoil® Academy’s high-tech (but easy to use) AV setup has screens to display close-ups of what instructors are doing, or even to livestream or record the entire class.


new moroccanoil academy
Moroccanoil Academy is located in the heart of Midtown East.


5. Flexible and customizable

So you don’t want to host a class, but do want to put on an event. Or perhaps you just want a place where you can churn out amazing Instagram videos in one day. Find a flexible space! The Moroccanoil® Academy is available for any and all events you can think of, and you don’t have to be a stylist in a Moroccanoil® salon to rent any of these spaces.


To learn more about partnering and renting, or to take a tour of the space, email , visit Moroccanoil’s professional site and follow @moroccanoilpro.


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