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February 2, 2017

How-To: Curly Hair Cutting and Styling + Four-Strand Braid

Quick—what’s one area of education you could always use more of? If you said “cutting and styling curly hair,” you’re in luck. In this BTC exclusive video, Moroccanoil® Artistic Director and curly hair guru, Kevin Hughes, breaks down a complete curly haircut and style—ideal for thick curls or wavy hair. Plus, he shares one of his favorite bridal styles—the four-strand braid!

This video is PACKED with useful tips and tricks to help you make your next curly cut a smashing success. What you’ll learn:

  • How to consult with a curly-haired client
  • A full curly haircut, start to finish
  • The best products to use on curly hair
  • Two unique styling techniques to enhance naturally-curly hair
  • How to create a four-strand braid (perfect for brides, prom or special events), start to finish

Check it out below!

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BTC’s Katie and Natalie with Moroccanoil’s director of education Robert,
Kevin and his Facebook Live models!

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