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Last updated: March 01, 2022

Moroccanoil® Launches Professional Hair Color Collection

Moroccanoil Haircolor launch
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New Pro Color From Moroccanoil® Launches March 1

The rumors are true…Moroccanoil® just launched its Haircolor Collection! Available March 1, 2022, the iconic argan oil-infused beauty brand officially has a complete portfolio of permanent and demi-permanent hair color and lighteners featuring the brand’s proprietary technology that infuses care throughout the color process. BTC got the first peek at the Moroccanoil® Academy in New York City—complete with our own hair appointments with Moroccanoil® Ambassadors—and we’re spilling all the details about Moroccanoil® Haircolor below!


Moroccanoil Haircolor Collection


First, here’s everything you need to know about the new Moroccanoil® Professional Haircolor Collection. The entire portfolio features ProArginine and ArganID®, two proprietary technologies that pack a 1-2 punch in protecting and nourishing the hair and helping color adhere to the hair better for longer-lasting results.


  • ProArginine, a type of amino acid, is naturally found in the hair fiber and a good-for-you alkalizing agent that supports hair color chemistry, improves hair strength and allows for longer-lasting color.
  • ArganID® technology is how the benefits of Moroccanoil® make their way into the hair. Positively charged micro-particles are attracted to the negatively charged hair fiber, infusing the antioxidant and moisturizing powers of argan oil deep into the hair cortex.


This powerful technology means Moroccanoil® Professional Haircolor delivers 64 percent increase in shine, with 96 percent of clients experiencing overall scalp comfort and 9+ weeks of salon-vibrant color. And with Moroccanoil’s fiercely loyal customer base, the brand is leveraging this loyalty to drive consumers to salons for professional-only services that deliver vibrant, long-lasting and above all, healthy results.


Permanent Color

  • Color Rhapsody Permanent Cream Color (2 oz.): Delivers 100 percent grey coverage that’s vibrant and true to tone. Leaves hair 72 percent more visibly shiny for professional-level care that shows. Available in 68 shades from rich naturals to vibrant fashion tones.          
  • Color Rhapsody High Lift Permanent Cream Color (2 oz.): Delivers up to 5 levels of lift on natural hair, Levels 6 and higher, in 5 shades from warm to cool. 
  • Oxidative Cream Developer (1 liter): Enriched with argan oil to provide conditioning benefits and optimal color results when used with Moroccanoil® Color Rhapsody, Color Infusion, Color Calypso Demi-Permanent Cream Color, and Blonde Voyage Powder and Clay Lighteners.
  • Color Stain Remover (4 oz.): Effectively and gently removes the telltale signs of a color service. The gentle, fast-acting formula helps to remove unwanted color stains without causing redness.


Moroccanoil Haircolor demi-permanent and permanent shades


Demi-Permanent Color

  • Color Calypso Demi-Permanent Gloss (2 oz.): Achieve shine, color clarity, and lasting vibrancy in an easy-to-use, low-commitment liquid formula. Provides a 67 percent increase in shine with 56 percent more conditioned and manageable hair. Up to 60 percent coverage on white and grey hair. Available in 44 shades. Available only in North America. 
  • Color Calypso Demi-Permanent Cream Color (2 oz.): Achieve shine, color clarity, and lasting vibrancy—in an easy-to-use, low-commitment cream formula. Provides a 52 percent increase in shine with 56 percent more conditioned and manageable hair. Up to 60 percent coverage on white and grey hair. Available in 44 shades. Available only in international markets
  • Color Calypso Demi-Permanent Gloss Activator (1 liter): Specially formulated to be used exclusively with Color Calypso Demi-Permanent Gloss for enhanced performance. Enriched with argan oil to provide conditioning benefits with optimal color results.


Color Infusion 

  • Color Infusion Pure Color Mixer (1 oz.): Customize any hair color to intensify, neutralize, or pastelize the results within both the Color Rhapsody and Color Calypso collections. The gel-based formula is available in 7 shades. 


Moroccanoil Blonde Voyage Lighteners


Blonde Voyage Lighteners

  • Blonde Voyage Powder Lightener (500 grams): High-performance, multi-purpose lightener delivers controlled and reliable lift of up to 9 levels. Powered by BondCare + ArganID® System that protects and nourishes the hair during the lightening service. Strengthens hair and reinforces bonds to help reduce damage and breakage with a gentle, non-irritating formula. 
  • Blonde Voyage Clay Lightener (400 grams): Easy-to-use clay formula delivers precision application for all freehand techniques. Up to 8 levels of lift. Powered by BondCare + ArganID® System that protects and nourishes the hair during the lightening service. Strengthens hair and reinforces bonds to help reduce damage and breakage. Contains kaolin clay for a creamy consistency that spreads easily and stays in place for precision work.


“It’s an exciting time for us to enter the professional hair color category, especially with color being one of the most-requested services and needs in the industry,” says Moroccanoil® Vice President of Global Education Robert Ham. “Salons and professionals have always been at the forefront of the brand, and we are thrilled to continue that relationship through hair color. This is our continued commitment to them, with a truly fantastic product and tool.”


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Along with the new color collection, the brand announced new partnerships with new ambassadors!

  • Celebrity colorist Greg Gilmore (@greg_gilmore) has more than 18 years of experience as a top cutting and coloring expert for textured hair in LA, with an extensive resume styling celebs like Toni Braxton, Tiffany Haddish, and Storm Reid.
  • #ONESHOT Hair Award winner and salon owner Jessica Scott Santo (@jessicascotthair) has 10+ years of salon hair color experience, took home the 2021 Color Video Hot Shot Award and is a multi-#ONESHOT nominee.
  • Celeb stylist Amanda Lee (@amandaleehair) brings over 10 years of styling experience with celebs such as Hailey Bieber, Chrissy Teigen and Kendall Jenner.


Moroccanoil Ambassadors
Moroccanoil® Ambassadors Greg Gilmore and Jessica Scott Santo work their hair color magic on BTC’s Chrissy Lancaster.


Salon Professional Support

The introduction of Moroccanoil® Haircolor is the brand’s biggest launch since its original Moroccanoil® Treatment, which created a new category in hair and owes its success to the quick adoption by salon pros. To strengthen its commitment to salon professionals, the brand has a few perks for pros:


  • Loyalty Backbar Program: Moroccanoil® is offering one of the most rewarding backbar programs in the industry. Loyalty partners can redeem points for Moroccanoil® care, body and color products.


  • Moroccanoil® Color Destination: To make sure salon pros have the best chance at success, Moroccanoil® is rolling out the Color Destination app, an e-learning platform with short videos and quick tips that you can watch before your next client. Got questions? Use the app’s “Ask an Expert” feature to get answers or dial the exclusive Moroccanoil® Color hotline: 877-MOCOLOR!


  • In-Person Education: Fancy a trip to New York? The Moroccanoil® NYC Academy is now offering technical classes for hair color, including blonding, strategic foiling and overall color mastery.


Get every detail about the new Moroccanoil® color collection and info on education, both virtual and in-person, at, and check out the HUGE transformation on BTC’s own Chrissy Lancaster below using the new color!


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