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Last updated: May 25, 2017

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Quick—name your priorities when it comes to haircolor! It has to be fast, it has to be effective and it would be great if it supported your artistic vision, right? Well, the new Wella Professionals takes care of all of the above and…more. This unique additive, designed for Koleston Perfect and ILLUMINA Color, allows colorists to place color next to color without bleeding or running and without foils. Yup, you right—now you can actually sculpt, mold and place color as you work and it won’t drip or smoosh together.

The secret in the sauce is called InvisiDivider Technology, and it creates a unique matrix within the color mass that acts like a flexible barrier, separating and holding different color sections. Color can be applied with tools or by hand and the result is truly handcrafted, bespoke color design. Best of all, cuts color service time in half, so you’re more efficient and more profitable. Plus, if a client decides she wants “something extra” on a whim, you’ll have enough time to do it right then and there, without throwing off your entire schedule for the day!

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