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Last updated: July 06, 2017

The New Men’s Bowl Cut from American Crew

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The New Men’s Bowl Cut from American Crew

The bowl cut is back and better than ever! American Crew’s Crewcial Collection breathed new life into the classic cut by updating both the technique and the shape. For men who like their length with a generous dose of masculinity, the contemporary finish on this well-loved look provides the perfect solution.

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    Create a low, horseshoe-shaped part.

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    Using a large clipper comb and a 1-inch blade, create the length in the bottom half, ensuring scalp coverage and a subtle build-up of weight beneath the horseshoe-shaped parting.

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    Create a T-shaped parting at the point where the back transitions to the side. This is where the disconnection begins. Work with horizontal sections in this transition area. Connect with the guide under the crown and slide cut the hair upward with a razor.

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    Create a narrow Zone 4 section and connect the transition to the guide just behind the T-parting. Cut forward with disconnection. Make sure the length rests above the ear and remains longer toward the front.

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    Working in rotating sections, connect the hair with a crown guide, and cut to a length that falls to gravity. Cut to a stationary guide at the center top. Slide cut forward with moderate depth. Leave length below the eyes and weight at the forehead.

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    Create the length at the front of the head, connecting to the guide length from the transition point. The final result is a bowl shape that is longer at the center of the eye. Use a razor to create a slightly broken and bent edge. Strengthen the outline with a shear.

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    Use American Crew Moisturizing Shave Cream to remove unwanted hair below the taper.

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    Mist hair with American Crew Alternator for flexible hold and separation. Use a Mason Pearson brush to emphasize the wave and encourage movement in the front.

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