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Last updated: November 30, 2009

Maria Menounos’ Sultry Curls How-To from Clark Russell

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Maria Menounos’ Sultry Curls How-To from Clark Russell

When you’re hosting the Elios Society Gala in San Francisco, you better have some gala-lovely hair that will last throughout the night! Clark Russell had the lovely pleasure of giving its host, Access Hollywood Personality Maria Menounos, some sexy and sultry waves to wow the crowd. See how he to re-create this sophisticated look in time to ring in 2010! 

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    Take one inch sections of the hair and spray with a soft-setting spray. Clark Russell loves using Framesi Biogenol Design Spray because it adds control without a ton of weight.  This will also help you lock in the curl.

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    Next, take your Hot Tools Professional 1-1/2 inch marcel iron and curl those one inch sections. “We are often tight on time and schedules when doing events so a hot tool is extremely important to get the job done right away” explains Russell.

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    Once you’re done curling, Russell kindly asked Menounos to flip her head over to break up curls with his fingers to give the hair volume and soften the wave.  To break up the curl, Clark emulsified a few drops of Framesi By Slush Gloss in the palm of his hands and finger-combed the curls out. To add a little more shine and set the curl, he used a bit of Alterna Caviar Shine and Define Spray. Remember, go light on the product!  Russell uses the shine products very lightly to not weigh down the curls.

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    “The tip to keeping curls and waves going all night is to use a great setting spray that does not weigh the hair down,” explains Russell. “For hair that looses curl easily, curl smaller sections with a lightweight spray and pin the hair into a pin curl while curls cool. For extra hold you can even lightly re-spray the curl after pinning the entire head and setting the client under the dryer for 20 minutes. Remember, the client should be under the dryer long enough to heat up and cool back down since this helps set the curl to last even longer.”