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Last updated: January 15, 2018

How-To: High-Fashion Knotted Updo

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How-To: High-Fashion Knotted Updo

To close the label.m stage and the amazing education-filled day of “On Tour, social media star Jenny Strebe came out to demonstrate one of her amazing braided/knotted updos. As an icon in the industry, and a 2015 #ONESHOT Winner for Best Braid Shot of the Year, Jenny has hit the education scene hard the last couple of years and, as usual, she absolutely rocked her segment with label.m during the first-ever BTC “On Tour” event. Jenny was stellar on stage, telling the audience that working with the label.m team has been something of a dream for her. While super talented, she humbly wowed the theatre and brought this high fashion look to a salon-friendly style in just under 15 minutes! Get it, girl!


Her main tip? Prep the hair the right way. Jenny says 80 percent of the style is what you do to prep the hair for a look. Learn the rest below!

Artist: Jenny Strebe
Manufacturer: label.m, @labelmusa


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    Use label.m Volume Mousse at the roots and paddle brush really flat and tight to the head, going in the direction that you will be creating your knots (in this case, from the nape to the crown). Then add label.m Blow Out Spray to add some texture to the hair.

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    Have your client tip her head so you can work from the nape, moving up. Then take horizontal sections and simply divide the section in half. From there, create your first knot and secure.  

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    Continue this knotting technique and connect the previous knotted section as you work up the head.

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    Repeat steps 3 and 4 all the way up the head.

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    Once you are done knotting, bobby pin the style down while spreading some of the knots out to cover any pins that might be visible.

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    Add a headband and create some fringe in the front or on the side of the head using the tail of the knotted section. Hairspray the look into place. 


    *Pro tip*
    Jenny told the audience that sometimes the hair can get slippery when braiding or doing knotting techniques, so having product in the hair really sets you up to successfully hold and adjust the hair as tightly as you need to.

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