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Last updated: July 31, 2017

4 Tips for your Best Braids

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With weddings, festivals and rooftop parties galore, summer is probably the busiest season for braids in the salon. Keep your braid game sharp with these four tips to plait perfection.


Add Fullness to Braids
To add fullness to a braid by pinching and pulling (also called “pancaking”), hold the braid loosely. Too tight a grip will create frizz instead of bulk. Also, pancake bit by bit—Annette Waligora (@annette_updo_artist) likes to braid halfway down, pancake the first half, then finish the braid and pancake the second half.



Eliminate Harsh Part Lines
When creating a braid in an updo, you never want to overdirect any hair forward into the braid, which creates unsightly part lines. Leave that hair out and instead pick up hair from underneath.




Pinch and Push
Another way to create full braids? Hold onto one strand at the end of the braid, then push the rest of the braid upward.



Make Braids Pop on Dark Hair

Use shine spray on dark braids to reflect light and add interest and dimension, Jenny Strebe (@theconfessionsofahairstylist) recommends. Also, products that provide more separation will help the hair’s detail stand out.