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Last updated: January 15, 2018

How-To: Pinless Romantic Chignon

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How-To: Pinless Romantic Chignon

Looking for that perfect romantic updo? Upstyle master Jenny Strebe, aka @theconfessionsofahairstylist knows what’s up…after all, she did win Braid Shot of the Year at’s 2015 #ONESHOT Hair Awards! And once again, she’s got some new tricks to show you!


With the help of a single invisibobble, Jenny was able to create this amazing pinless chignon. So, grab your invisibobble and get ready to do the twist, because in less than five minutes, you can give your client this easy, romantic updo—no pins or clips! Here’s how! 

Artist: Jenny Strebe
Manufacturer: invisibobble, @invisibobble



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    On both sides of the head, section the hair from above the occipital bone to above the ear, clipping it away.

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    Create a ponytail at the base using the invisibobble, locking it into place using the pull & stretch technique. After the pony is noticeably secure, do a couple looser loops around the tail for future styling.

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    Braid the ponytail using a simple rope-braiding technique. Use a bit of dry texture spray, and then hold the end of the braid, pinching and pulling the twist to create shape and plumpness.


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    Take the end of the rope braid and string it through the loose part of the invisibobble still holding the ponytail. Take the hair, pulling it through to form an invisiloop. Pinch and pull the base of the ponytail, creating volume and texture.

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    Moving to one of the clipped sections, split it in half and clip the top section away. Using all the hair in that bottom section, twist the hair and add dry texture spray. Finger tease by pinching and pulling to create fullness in the twist. Next, find a loose spot in the invisibobble, and loop the hair through, creating another invisiloop to secure it into the chignon. Repeat this process on the clipped back top section.

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    Repeat Step 6 on the other side of the head.

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    Finish off with some hairspray, and pinch and pull, shaping the hair.

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