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Last updated: June 13, 2018

8 Tips For Getting The Perfect Shot

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Social media star Jenny Strebe (@theconfessionsofahairstylist)  putting the finishing touches on her client to get the perfect shot!

You’ve spent hours perfecting an Insta-worthy look on your client behind the chair––what’s next? It’s time to get that perfect shot. And if there’s one thing we’ve learned from BTC’s 2017 #ONESHOT competition, it’s that one great picture can change your life, so you have to be ready! To help you get started, we’ve rounded up eight tips for getting that perfect shot, so you can start showcasing your work and accomplishing your goals! Check them out below.



1. A Goal Without a Plan is Just a Dream
Planning ahead is KEY to mastering social media. Sam Daly, aka @bottleblonde76 (a BTC #ONESHOT finalist with 12k followers!) always asks her clients to come in for a consultation, so not only will she be ready to create their perfect color, but she also knows how to prepare for photos. After, you can decide what your client should wear and if there is anything else you’ll need to prepare for. Sam’s secret to a successful shot? She keeps a bag full of accessories and asks herself, “What’s going to look best in this picture to make this look a little more stylized?” Planning ahead makes things move quickly and makes getting that perfect picture easier on you and your client.


2. Perfect Your Lighting
“I don’t post a photo if it’s not perfect,” says social media star Rebecca Taylor (@rebeccataylorhair). “I like to make sure the lighting is right. I take the extra 20 minutes to style it out perfectly to make sure I’m putting the best work I can on my page.” Natural light is the best option, but direct sunlight can be harsh—if you can, shoot outside in a shaded area, this will ensure the best lighting. If you can’t shoot outside, you can (and should) invest in a ring light. But, if you’re not ready to make that purchase, you can always try our Clip-On Selfie Lights! They are perfect for on-the-go clients, give you the lighting you need for the perfect pic.


3. Make the Time
Take into consideration how much time it will take to get your perfect shot. Book a little time at the end of each appointment for photos or ask your client to come back the next day for 30 minutes to shoot. “By that time, they’ve gotten a million compliments on their hair,” shares Sam Daly. “They’re a little bit less like, ‘Oh my god. I’ve been here forever. My scalp is on fire.’” Tip: Have your client come with clean and dry hair so you can style it and take photos.



4. Ask for Help
Utilize your assistants! If you don’t have the time to take photos, find an assistant who is really good at taking pictures or teach them what you like. A lot of younger assistants are pros with Snapchat, so they know how to take great pictures and short videos. Save time by having your assistant take short in-process videos or invest in a tripod and set it up at your station. When your schedule gets crazy busy, save time by asking them to help you take your photos while you move onto the next client.


5. How to Photograph From the Back
When shooting hair from the back, always ask your client to tilt her head slightly back—this will make her hair look longer and more dramatic. Constance Robbins (@constancerobbins)––a Matrix Artistic Educator with 21k Insta followers––says having your clients pose with their hands in their hair will always make the hair stand out and make your client look super thin. But, you can’t post every client this way…you have to change it up!


6. How to Photograph From the Side
Have your client drop their shoulder, then adjust the hair so that it covers their entire shoulder. You can also have them put their hand slightly under their hair, as they would if they were going to do a hair flip. This works for clients with shorter hair, too. 



7. How to Photograph From the Front
Never have your client look directly into the camera—instead, put your hand out in front of them, ask them to follow your finger, and then move your hand to the exact direction you want them facing. This gives you the ultimate control for where their head and hair ends up, plus, for a client, it’s pretty easy to understand.


8. Just Do It
Co-founders of Ramirez | Tran Salon, Anh Co Tran and Johnny Ramirez, take on major color corrections because they have the potential of becoming Insta-worthy transformations. “Say yes to the difficult jobs because they’re the ones with the biggest payoff on social media, says Anh Co Tran. “I take the jobs nobody else wants,” adds Johnny Ramirez. “I can tell when a girl walks in if she’s going to be a money shot. So I go for the major transformations. That’s what gets people calling the salon.”


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