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Last updated: January 25, 2018

Jenny Strebe’s Braided Upstyle

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Jenny Strebe’s Braided Upstyle

A braid is just a braid until you make it something better, and when it comes to her wedding day, “better” just isn’t enough. It should all be perfect—the perfect flowy dress, the perfect sunny weather, the perfect classy venue, and the perfect braided upstyle. A summer bride needs that hair up, soft and pretty against her lovestruck face. More importantly, she needs her sweet braids as unique and beautiful as the woman wearing them. Your updo and braiding guru Jenny Strebe @theconfessionsnofahairstylist has got you covered with this gorgeous upstyle—perfect for any blushing bride or braid-loving beauty. Here’s how to do it!

Artist: Jenny Strebe


Watch Jenny craft this gorgeous Braided Upstyle in less than six minutes!


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    Divide the hair into two sections—front and back. Clip the back section up, working with the front section first.

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    Spray Kenra Platinum Dry Texture Spray onto the hair before draping it over the head and combing it through. Begin using a Dutch Braid technique. Continue this behind the hairline until just above the ear. When you arrive at the ear, finish out this section doing a regular, three-strand braid. Secure with an elastic band.

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    Using a 1-inch curling iron, begin curling the subsections on the back section of the hair. Working from the nape all the way up.


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    Run a wide-toothed comb gently through the curls and secure into a low ponytail. Take 2-inch subsections and lightly backcomb them. Grab each strand of hair, and visually measure where you’d like to pin them into place on the back of the head. Do this until the entire pony is backcombed and pinned.

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    Lightly tug on the braid, pancaking it for maximum volume. Drape the end of the braid across the low, messy bun. Pin it in to place.

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    Use Kenra Professional Super Hold Finishing Spray for increased hold.

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