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Last updated: November 21, 2017

Half-Up Braided ‘Do in 5 Minutes or Less

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When you have a girl on the go in your chair, you can’t spend too much of the appointment on styling. The trick is to choose a style that’ll outlast her hectic day in a limited window of free time. At a loss? Check out this half-up braided style that took Jenny Strebe (@theconfessionsofahairstylist) less than 5 minutes to create using a single invisibobble! Get the steps below.





1. Using a Kent brush, create a circle section at the crown to create the base for the entire hairstyle. Be sure to leave out sections of hair on the sides so you have something to braid later. Looking for your go-to back-combing tool? Check out the Kent Salon Back-Combing Brush in the BTC Shop!



2. Secure the circle section using an invisibobble original, pulling and stretching it out a couple times. Jenny says to be a little agressive when securing the pony. Leave some loose rings around so you have something to connect the braids into.



3. To add more volume in the crown area, hold on to pony where the invisibobble is and pinch and pull pieces to create an erratic texture. 



4. Then, take the section of hair on the right side that was left out of the pony and braid a simple three-strand braid.



5. Next, pankcake the braid by pulling and stretching it out.



6. Connect the braid into the invisibobble by opening up one of the rings, pulling the braid through and forming an invisi-loop. Repeat on the other side.



Watch the whole how-to below!


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