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Last updated: May 25, 2021

8 Bridal Styles You Can Learn Right Now

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Learn All 8 Of These Bridal Styles Before A Busy Summer!

The bridal styling market may have drastically dipped in 2020, but guess what? Wedding experts predict a SURGE of weddings in 2021 and beyond, which means NOW is the time to get your bridal game on point. 


What does this mean for you? You’re about to be REALLY busy! No matter what style your bride wants, we’ve got you covered. Learn all 8 of these styles with a BTC University Annual Member Subscription and SAVE! Watch every course, get certificates for completion for all of them. You’ll save $30 with the subscription versus buying each course a la carte, plus you’ll get access to 150+ hours of education and 120+ courses on demand in blonding, cutting, coloring, styling, men’s grooming and business!


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How To Create Multiple Looks For One Bride: @thelovelyhairclass

Brides today want versatility—AND a new look between the ceremony and reception. Learn how to quickly transition down styles into flattering upstyles in this 90-minute class from bridal hair educator Candice Hollub (@thelovelyhairclass)! She shares her exclusive styling secrets for effortless texture, volume that won’t fall flat and teasing techniques for long-lasting foundations. Go from soft, glam waves to a loose chignon with a face-framing “swoop” in 15 minutes with her techniques! Enroll now for $24.95!


Bride & Bridal Party Styling: 15-Minute Updos with @hairandmakeupbysteph

You know Stephanie Brinkerhoff’s work—as the most-pinned bridal artist on Pinterest, we’re almost positive one of your brides has shown a @hairandmakeupbysteph photo to you as her wedding inspo. Learn how to give your bridal styles the WOW factor Steph is famous for, plus how to create three quick 15-minute updos for the bridal party—you’ll learn it all in 90 minutes on BTC University! Enroll today for $24.95!


Styling Shortcuts For Quicker Updos: @annette_updo_artist

Squeezing in SO many brides? You need timesaving shortcuts from bridal expert and #ONESHOT winner Annette Waligora (@annette_updo_artist). In this 90-minute class, she shows two complete how-tos for on-trend updos that can be done in shorter appointments. Plus, she spills her tips for checking balance and symmetry, how to create fuller styles on fine hair and genius tricks for adding detail and personalization. Register now for $24.95!


Half Upstyle & Braiding Techniques: @samirasjewelry

Braided and accessorized updos are always bridal faves, so get these techniques from #ONESHOT winner Shayla Robertson (@samirasjewelry). She’s demystifying braided styles with step-by-step techniques, foundation-building cheats and her secrets to tasteful accessorizing. This 90-minute class will teach you correct hand placement for easier braiding, how to properly prep the hair and her technique for achieving full-bodied braids! Enroll for $24.95!


Upstyling Tricks For Braids + Chignons: @alexandralee1016

Styles that transition throughout the day help set you apart as a bridal expert, so you NEED this technique from Alexandra Wilson (@alexandralee1016). She shows you how to create a timeless half-up style—with the punch of an infinity braid—and then how to transition into a soft, loose chignon. You’ll learn where to place extensions so they are undetectable in the final styles, her signature teasing techniques for creating extra lift without extra padding, and smart pinning tricks to hide those hair pins. Get it all for $24.95!


Short On Time? These Quickie Videos Can Help…

Half Up Bridal Style: @hairandmakeupbysteph

This go-to bridal style is EASY once you know the steps! Steph teaches you how to make this simple style look unique and different every time. She also demos her backcombing techniques for a long-lasting base, style placement to balance and flatter any bride, and how to pin the hair to avoid “holes” in the style. Get the technique for $9.95!


Low Boho Chignon: @annette_updo_artist

Struggle to visualize an updo before you start? Annette teaches her sectioning tips to help create a visual map before you begin. Plus, she shares when to apply products (and what products to use), how to create movement and flow and how to add floral accents! Enroll for only $9.95.


Piecey Chignon: @hairandmakeupbysteph

Does your bride want a more polished look? Learn to create smooth, controlled texture in this class from Steph! She’ll share her secrets to eliminating frizz in this step-by-step tutorial. Register for $9.95!