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Last updated: March 09, 2018

3 Bridal Style Issues: Solved

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In a perfect world, all your bridal clients would sit down in your chair with long, smooth, clean hair, ready to be coiffed to perfection. But in the real world, clients have all kinds of different lengths and textures, so you have to be prepared for anything! Here’s what to do if your bride has…


Short Hair
Short hair looks even shorter in a sleek, stiff hairstyle, so choose a relaxed style— something loose, low or curly—for brides with bobs or lobs. Take advantage of short layers and leave face-framing strands out.



Heaps of Hair
“If a bride has a ton of hair, I gather some into an elastic to hide the bulk,” says Stephanie Brinkerhoff (@hairandmaeupbysteph). Before beginning, take a center back section, wrap it up and pin it to the head to eliminate an entire section and provide an anchor for the rest of the style.




Curly Hair
Don’t fight a curly-haired bride’s natural texture—instead, create a disheveled braid that works with her texture. “I really like half upstyles or statement braids for my curly-haired clients,” says Jenny Strebe (@theconfessionsofahairstylist).